Anderson Kate

My mosaic making evolved from a background in painting and 3-Dimensional work.( I have a B.A. hons degree in Fine Art, and a Post- Graduate Commonwealth Award for Sculpture, India.) Developing original and thought-provoking approaches came with much experimentation. I make one-off wall based panels, screens and free-standing pieces to commission and for exhibition from my studio in Dumfries and Galloway. While using some traditional techniques I also employ materials in a variety of unconventional ways which include hand-painted ceramic and moulded resins in various combinations with vitreous glass, stone, smalti and gold leaf. Work projects can embrace the narrative and also the semi-abstract. Drawn and often written research are important elements of my work. My areas of interest and exploration are a fascination with the language of symbolism both personal and universal, and a love of history and literature. Exhibition work has examined the way we reclaim and subvert these cultural symbols to promote a new visual mythology of identity. I have shown mosaic, painting or sculpture work in the U.K., France, India and U.S.A. My working year usually combines a mixture of exhibition work, private or public commissions and short work-shops or college based courses.