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Ways to RECONNECT in 2022

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MAANZ is holding two virtual exhibitions

30:30 Vision


the MAANZ International Exhibition

in conjunction with the MAANZ 2021 Online Symposium.

Both exhibitions will be showcased on the Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand (MAANZ) website in conjunction with a Virtual 3D exhibition on the platform Kunstmatrix.

Entries are now open and we encourage both MAANZ Members and Non-Members to apply.

This is a fantastic opportunity for international participation.

To encourage accessibility we have modified the normal exhibition requirements for both exhibitions, for this year only, as follows.

Due to the virtual nature of the exhibition mosaics do not need to be freighted to a gallery

  • We have reduced the sales commission to 20%
  • We have increased the number of images that are submitted with the entries.
  • We have maintained our fabulous prizes.

Additional changes for the MAANZ International Exhibition only:

  • We have removed the requirement for compulsory sales.
  • We have removed the size and weight restrictions.
  • We have increased the types and format of the works that can be submitted.
  • We have included an option for artists to submit a video of their work.

Exhibition dates are 29th Oct 2021 – 30th Jan 2022.

Entries close on the 30th Sept 2021.

MAANZ will present a virtual opening as part of the symposium program.  Info sheets, video guidelines and entry forms are now available on

We have selected the platform Kunstmatrix for our virtual platform because it handles organic shaped work and 3D work very well. It allows the mosaic to be seen in its intended and original shape in the gallery, as opposed to other platforms which turn everything into a ‘stretched canvas’ with the irregular shaped artwork or sculpture pictured on the canvas as if a photo. A sample exhibition will soon be available to view.

Please direct any questions to the Exhibition Coordinator - Caitlin Hepworth


Chester Cathedral 2022

The British Association for Modern Mosaic presents Constellations, a prestigious national exhibition of contemporary mosaics in the magnificent setting of Chester Cathedral.

Exhibition: 21st March – 24th April, 2022

Curated and organised by British Association for Modern Mosaic North West

More information here:​


Chartres – open for 2022





Association les 3R

5 rue des Hauts de Chartres – 28000 Chartres

e mail :

tel : 02-37-88-05-34

Optional Theme: Around the Blue - To be able to compete in this theme, you will need at least 1/3 of blue in the work produced. A hanging system must be attached. The work must fit within the 1m dimension limits and the artist’s name and address must be clearly stated on the back of the work.

Cost: €50

Deadline for proposals: 30th April 2022

Artworks to reach them by latest 23rd September 2022

For more information see the brochure here


Domo Exhibition 2022

After the year’s delay there are new dates for the exhibition and international mosaic days in Bad Türkheim: 25th – 29th May 2022

New deadline: 31st January 2022

The Order and the Chaos Culture & Patterns from a Contemporary Perspective Invitation and call for participation at the international, juried exhibition of the German Organisation for Mosaic Art, together with the Bad Dürkheim Art Association and the town of Bad Dürkheim, in the framework of the International Mosaic Days The German Organisation for Mosaic Art, DOMO e.V., together with the Kunstverein and the city of Bad Dürkheim, cordially invites you to the international and juried exhibition: "The Order and the Chaos – Culture & Patterns from a Contemporary Perspective".

If you’re interested in going to the mosaic days and want to discuss transporting yourself and/or your art, please contact me at


Marotta Mondolfo 2021

Contact Christina Cucchi

I hope it is not too late to participate by the time this is published, but you can rest reassured that this will not be the last opportunity to participate in this initiative.

This wonderful mosaic innovation aims to cover the long, low sea wall with mosaics. Fingers crossed that I have understood the essence of the Italian rules(my translation is in italics below – corrections welcome!) This particular element of the larger project is a collaboration inspired by the “Mosaics for Peace” Project by Bady Essid Jaballah in Sousse, Tunisia.

  • The work will be installed on the seafront wall of Marotta
  • To collaborate, please create your offering on 50x50cm square of mesh, using exterior grade tiles.
  • Please send your work to arrive no later than 20th August 2021 to the following address: Villa Valentina (sede del palazzo del turismo) Viale Carducci n°85 -61037- Marotta Mondolfo (PU) Italia. Address it to “Mosaichiamo la Città”
  • The mosaic should be signed and accompanied by information about the artist, a brief curriculum and explanation of the work.
  • Each participant will receive a certificate as recognition of participation for peace.
  • Inauguration and celebration will be on 21st September 2021.


Mosaicos de Andreina - Arezzo, Italy 


If you haven’t already heard about this opportunity for participation and collaboration, then read this and get excited already. I believe you can organize to be a volunteer at any time, but please contact them for more information.

From their brochure:

The Cultural Association Ezekiel is a nonprofit organization established in 2012 to promote and support the Mosaic of Andreina, a public artwork by the artist Andreina Giorgia Carpenito. The artwork, begun in 1997 in the Church of the Holy Spirit of Indicatore in the province of Arezzo (Tuscany, Italy), is ongoing and is one of the largest mosaic sites in Europe.

The Mosaic of Andreina is a monumental mosaic, inspired by the biblical story of the vision of Ezekiel. The complete artwork will comprise 32,000 square-feet of mosaic, inside and outside the church, of which 9,600 square-feet have already been realized, including 30 sculptures.

Opportunity to participate as a resident artist – follow the link on my page to find out more information about how to take part in their programme, which is open to all.


The Ruins Project by Rachel Sager

I hope that this wonderful project needs no introduction, especially since Rachel was one of our speakers at the 2020 online BAMM Forum.

For more visit -

Rachel has so many brilliant, on-going initiatives to participate from near or far, that I can only urge you to go to her website to see how you might also take part.