Prompts from the Pros - Marian Shapiro

Marian Shapiro - Team Up

‘I find being committed to do something for someone else and not wanting to let them down is a good motivator, so how about a challenge where people find a partner, team up with them remotely and both work from the same inspiration concept or picture.’

This challenge could work in one of two ways. 

  1. Both people work on a mosaic using the same inspiration, then swap them at the end. You’ll finish the challenge with a new piece of art from another artist! 
  2. Each person starts work on a piece and then you swap them part way through, letting your partner finish off the piece. This is an interesting way to work as it disrupts your usual flow and you have to respond to what is there.  We will leave it up to the pairs to decide which path they wish to take.


Marian teamed up with Sophie Drouin.  The image below is their inspiration





Marian Shapiro's Mosaic


Sophie Drouin's Mosaic