Prompts from the Pros - Sophie Robins


An exploration into designing and creating original abstract compositions for our mosaics!

Often we struggle in knowing just how to get started on a new piece. We can identify styles and subjects that we are drawn to but how to use these influences and turn them into an original mosaic.

The aim for this prompt is to experiment and play with a collage approach, enabling confidence in our own abstract designs.

Take a look at the collages and paper cuts by Rex Ray and Matisse. Start collecting scrap paper! Neutral shades are good as it's more about shape, proportion, scale and composition at this stage . Old envelopes, packaging, old pages from notebooks, newsprint etc.

Create a collage using different sizes and shapes of paper. When you are happy with your collage design, create a mosaic based on this. 


Mosaic Make-along - Wednesday 4th May, 7-9pm. 

We are delighted to be hosting another mosaic make-along. This time BAMM Chair, Rachel Davies, will be joined by Sophie Robins, and we’ll be looking at how we can use collage to help create abstract mosaic designs.  The make-along is free to members and there is a small charge for everyone else. You can book your tickets via eventbrite here