Anderson Kate

Mosaic Screen Shadow Series       3 Panel screen using vitreous glass, ceramic, gold leaf. Part of Shadow Series project shown at various exhibitions. (Private collection)
Mosaic 3 panel screen based on story of Jacob's Ladder       3 panel mosaic screen for exhibition (Lichfield Cathedral and various other) using hand-painted mosaic, vitreous glass, gold leaf and ceramic.
3 Panel Screen Mosaic - Birdman Series       Exhibition narrative piece made with vitreous glass, hand-painted ceramic, antique glass, porcelain and hand-molded resin. Part of project exploring Birdman symbolism and myth.
Framed Mosaic part of Birdman series       Wall based mosaic using hand-painted ceramic, vitreous glass, ceramic, porcelain.
Illustrative mosaic portraying rural Derbyshire       Detail of large wall hung privately commissioned hand-painted ceramic, portraying essence of rural Derbyshire.