Introspection       Introspection

Become one with nature, a look into the souls of the trees.
The process transformed the face of the original sketch into a self-portrait.

Materials: Tiles and glass mosaics.
Strength       Strength

Inspired by the landscape of my island Bornholm, where forest and sea become one.
Tridimensional picture that symbolizes the strength of nature, or maybe my own ...
This work was just started when I lost my husband unexpectedly. In the original sketch the fisherman was coming to the beach. Turning the image around and letting the fisherman sail on its journey allowed me to be able to continue creating.

Materials: Glass, tiles, recycled ceramics, founded objects. Australian opal from Kelds travels. Mortar, acrylic paint.
Bornholm’s cliffs landscape.       Bornholm’s cliffs landscape.

This works both a picture and a three-dimensional model of my island’s cliff landscape, with emerald colored lakes, ice, cliffs and forests.

It is made in stones form Bornholm, minerals and crystals, ceramics.
Oyster       Oyster

Inspired by the Pacific Ocean. Memories of childhood of marine foam and shells, in which the singing of the sea is heard.

Wall sculpture Made of marble, smalti and glass. Drops in moonstone and touches of Australian opaline.
Winter landscape       Winter landscape

Mirror inspired in the frozen forests, made of recycled porcelain and ceramics, lapis lazuli og Millefiori.