Mixed Media mosaic       What was there when there was nothing?

What triggered this burst of Cosmic egg, rippling and expanding wave after waves to create our Universe... our Multiverse?

I used smaltis, glow-in-the-dark and gold tiles to represent the expanding rich matter of the Big Bang; clockwork parts, lego's, polymer clay moulding and computer parts, were used to represent the Present.

116 cm x 90 cm x 3.5 cm
Venetian gold leaf       My name is Gold, my atomic number is 79, and my Symbol is Au. This comes from the Latin word ‘Aurum’, which means ‘shining or glowing dawn’. I am a key element in the transmittal of electrical signals throughout the body and I am within every one of you. I amount to 0.2 milligrams of your total body weight. If form was given to me I would be a solid cube of 0.22 millimeters.

I have been around forever. The Ripples must be Endless….

116 cm x 76 cm x 7.5 cm
3D mosaic       And in the beginning… it starts with a little white lie -
forgive and forget.
And then a greater truth concealed by alternative facts -
forget and let slip.
And then, a darkness, slowly creeping in -
sombre and paralysing.
Scars of the past; to be repeated again -
on and off.

I am The Great Deceit.

Dimensions: 110 cm x 110 cm x 7 cm
Lenticular imagery       With "Elsie's blood on the snow" I wanted to create a piece which would present the particularity of being animated depending of the position of the viewer.

I used the lenticular technology or also called 3D moving imagery to create 528 little frames with the aim to bring back from the land of memories a slice of an instant...

Panel is 42 cm x 42 cm x 5 cm.
Public Mosaic project - London       Nathalie was commissioned to create a large scale public fountain and benches in the heart of the London borough of Tower Hamlets, on the northern bank of the river Thames.
Cyclists mosaic       'Race to the Front'; glass,ceramic and bike chain.
Mosaic mannequin by TomatoJack Arts       'TJ'; Vintage crockery mosaiced mannequin.
Summer Pyramid by TomatoJack Arts       'Summer Pyramid'; Glass mosaic pyramid.
School Mosaic by TomatoJack Arts       TomatoJack Arts have worked with over 20 schools throughout Gloucestershire.
      This design is based on an embroidered parasol from a photograph taken while in Northern India with my mother.
      This is a sampler mosaic made for Create 98 in Leigh on Sea, Essex.
      Rhythms of the River is a mosaic about the river Thames. It was made and exhibited for BAMM Miniatures exhibition held in London.
London Zoo       Mosaic at the Land of the Lions, London Zoo, showing the relationship between the lions, deer and monkeys in the forests of Western India. Made with the Hackney Mosaic Project.
Old Street       Mosaic celebrating the history of Hoxton as a place of entertainment and Music Halls.The design shows acrobats and performing dogs. Made with the Hackney Mosaic Project.
Packington Street       Mosaic showing the varied species of birds and fish to be found in the nearby Regents Canal. Made with the Hackney Mosaic Project.
Hackney Downs       Inspired by the mosaics of Jordan, this design shows a variety of wild beasts. On the back wall they are engaged in a frantic chase, started by a mouse startling an elephant, while on the side walls other animals look on. Made with the Hackney Mosaic Project.
A private commission. 1 metre X 25cms       Commissioned by a keen fisherman to be above his kitchen Aga!  I used vitreous glass throughout created on hardie board.
      A 3D follow-up to my course with Luciana Notturni in Ravenna.  Materials used were white marble, vitreous glass, millefiori and mother-of-pearl. The shell was hand-carved out of dense polystyrofoam.
One fish two fish       One fish two fish
Konijntje (aka Bunny)       Konijntje (aka Bunny)
BOrocks!       BOrocks!
As the Fish Rots       As the Fish Rots
Perdido Key Mouse       Perdido Key Mouse
      4 foot high fibreglass swan sculpture covered with vitreous glass tiles (2013)
      Unglazed ceramic on cement board 50x50cm (2016)
      Unglazed ceramic and gold smalti 100x40cm (2017)
      Unglazed ceramic 120x60cm (2015)
      A portrait in stained glass approx 30cm x 20cm (2018)
Mosaic Screen Shadow Series       3 Panel screen using vitreous glass, ceramic, gold leaf. Part of Shadow Series project shown at various exhibitions. (Private collection)
Mosaic 3 panel screen based on story of Jacob's Ladder       3 panel mosaic screen for exhibition (Lichfield Cathedral and various other) using hand-painted mosaic, vitreous glass, gold leaf and ceramic.
3 Panel Screen Mosaic - Birdman Series       Exhibition narrative piece made with vitreous glass, hand-painted ceramic, antique glass, porcelain and hand-molded resin. Part of project exploring Birdman symbolism and myth.
Framed Mosaic part of Birdman series       Wall based mosaic using hand-painted ceramic, vitreous glass, ceramic, porcelain.
Illustrative mosaic portraying rural Derbyshire       Detail of large wall hung privately commissioned hand-painted ceramic, portraying essence of rural Derbyshire.
The secret garden       The secret garden


Materials:opalescent glass,beads,details in Tiffany technique, on wood base
Late summer in the park       Size:23x12cm
Material:opalescent glass on wood base
Another working day       Size:25x10cm
Materials:opalescent glass,glass tiles on wood base.
På gatan       Size:32x22cm
Material:opalescent glass on wood base
Tulip meadow       Size:43x34cm
Material:Venetian smalti on wood base
The De Luci Fish Mosaic Sculpture       The De Luci Fish Mosaic Sculpture
The River Of Life Mosaic - The University Of Iowa       The River Of Life Mosaic - The University Of Iowa
The Fishpond Mosaic       The Fishpond Mosaic
Entwined Histories Mosaic Sculpture       Entwined Histories Mosaic Sculpture
Shrapnel - War is a gun with a worker at each end       Shrapnel - War is a gun with a worker at each end
Mosaic Art for Ibiza Villa       Four pillars around a swimming pool with an incredible view of the Island of Ibiza were decorated with these individual rings of glass and gold. Each ring carefully designed and placed to work as a whole. Spectacular in the sunlight.
London secondary school Playground wall mosaic       This mosaic was made with the 'Gifted and Talented' sixth form students to celebrate the school ethos. They are life sized figures ( we drew around the pupils) while the images and patterns on the figures are there to symbolise the pupil and school ideas.
Mosaic Sculpture       This sculpture is made from polystyrene and a fibreglass render. Therefore it it both lightweight and durable. Inspired by the architectural shapes of cactus and their vibrant flowers. I work to commission and also run classes on how to create your forms for mosaic. Full details of classes are on the Inspired Mosaics Studio website.
Contemporary roman mosaic bathroom  floor design       A contemporary take on the classic roman conch design using matt ceramic, white glazed circles and a touch of vitreous glass for a hint of glamour. Both function and adding a unique design feature to the bathroom.
Mosaic sculpture for gardens       On show for a season at the Hannah Pescher Sculpture Garden in Surrey, UK this piece utilises colour and form to attract and reflect light in an outdoor space.
      Plaque 14" x 23"<br />
<br />
This bespoke hard stone pietra dura mosaic consists of pure black belgium marble; red &amp; orange jasper and onyx.
      Plaque 18.9 x 13.8cm<br />
<br />
Field mouse in grey gabbro, verde d'arno, dendrite and conk shell.&nbsp;
      This view depicts the winter side of a large double sided hanging piece that resides and was displayed at College Farm, Ely, CB6 3XD as part of the Open Gardens Scheme. The Farm has a large gallery attached and numerous art pieces surprise you in the large gardens.
It was made from mirror, hand cut glass, tiles and found objects.
Mixed blue and green glass mosaic outdoor table       Outdoor mixed glass mosaic table.
      Mermaid.<br />
This mosaic is 600mm x 800mm and was produced as a commission. The 'treasure chest' incorporated found and given objects which reflected the person's memories.&nbsp; It is made from cermaic and glass terressae, glass pebbles, jewellery and ceramic objects.
Polar bear      
Mosaic Jewellery      
Trafford Macmillan  Care Centred Mosaic Commission       HOW TO COMMISSION A MOSAIC

A mosaic commission usually begins with a discussion with a client regarding where they would like a mosaic to feature, mosaic size, ideas for a design & colour scheme, mosaic materials, timescales and finally a budget. Full guidance is provided throughout.

Once these initial ideas have been considered and agreed I would draw an initial design (or use one provided by the client) and email or mail a photograph to the client. Amendments to the initial design are made as requested. Once the design has been approved a payment of 50% of the cost of the completed mosaic is requested.

The mosaic is then created by myself or with clients (if forming part of a project). When the mosaic is completed the mosaic is dispatched or delivered (as agreed) with fixtures and fittings and installed (or instruction provided for installation, as initially agreed) by the date set. The remainder of the cost of the mosaic is paid by the client at this point.

Commissioning a mosaic is simple and adds a unique and special addition to any environment (indoors and out). Mosaics look great in a garden, bathroom, kitchen, hallway and conservatory. A mosaic commission for a restaurant, hotel or company logo can really make a powerful statement of 'we're well established and here to stay' - just as the Romans did!

Public mosaic art commission: Larkin with Toads 2010 in Hull       LARKIN WITH TOADS 2010

Larkin with Toads was a large scale, mass participation public art event that populated Hull with enormous decorated toads for 10 weeks during the summer of 2010.

This formed part of the Larkin25 festival (www.larkin25.co.uk) celebrating the poem 'Toads'.

After the event my sponsors decided to purchase my mosaic toad during a charitable auction of the toads for permanent display outside Hull & East Riding Museum (36 High Street, Hull HU1 1NQ.)

If you would like to discuss a commission please send an email sue.kershaw@hotmail.co.uk or call 07929 884759.
3D mosaic art spheres       Mosaic art spheres for display during my period as artist in residence at Burton Agnes Hall, Rudston Rd, Burton Agnes, Driffield YO25 4NB during August 2018.

50cm in diametre compiled of glass, porcelain and found objects

If you would like to discuss a commission please send an email sue.kershaw@hotmail.co.uk or call 07929 884759.
White Horse Mosaic Art       Featuring porcelain and glass tiles. 40 x 61 cm

If you would like to discuss a commission please send an email sue.kershaw@hotmail.co.uk or call 07929 884759.
School mosaic art created with St Mary's RC Primary School, Clayton-le-Moors, Lancashire       It was a busy week working with all the children of St Mary's RC Primary School in Clayton-le-Moors, Lancashire.

We created this mosaic to remember the much loved headteacher Ms Nolan who worked 25 years at the school.

The mosaic measures 120 x 90 cm and is displayed at the school entrance.

Great school and really lovely children and staff. A real pleasure.

If you would like to create a school mosaic contact Sue Kershaw, Mosaic Artist

07929 884759


      This native tree grows wildly in Matheson Bay, Northland, New Zealand and the people commissioning this 2.8metre x1metre piece of art wanted to celebrate this native flora with ‘huge’ flowers and have the piece spread across their beautiful garden. The flowers range between 800mm and 600mm diameter, and each needed two people to be lifted onto the main frame. Very dramatic job and image. Glass and tile.
      This art piece was created to commemorate a flood in 1981 that destroyed the local footbridge and houses and businesses along the river bank at Waikino where I live. A committee was established to firstly build a new Bridge (behind the wall in the photo. My wife had a new bridge funded and built with the later intention of funding a Memorial Artwall.
I got to manage the wall and Diane’s funding included six commissioned artists from the area, each given a theme to be developed in their own style; Three were mosaic artists, one a sculptor in stone, another in concrete and a potter for the sixth theme. My piece is the one on the right pointing to the future of the Karangahake gorge. I did mine with Shona Laing who wrote and sang the internationally famous song “Who’d be a Kennedy”. 8 metres long x twin block walls 2.4metres high with a 2 tonne wheel in the centre from Waikino’s industrial past. I got to work with local District Council, builders, engineers, commercial tilers, and a gold medal winner at Chelsea Flower Show for the garden. Collaboration with artists included my need to mosaic the Ohinemuri river through each of the pieces of art to link them together. Took about 6 months to build and place artwork.
      The 100th anniversary of Sister Janet Erskine Stuart’s death in Britain, then Mother Superior of the Sacred Heart Sisters, warranted this mosaic commission and had to reflect the ideas of Baradene College girls. The imagery reflects their views of the nature of education at Baradene, what it means now and how it will affect their future lives. They also helped place some of the materials, especially in the centre piece of the triptych. 5 metres long x 1.5 metres depth in triptych form. 6 months work in 2 x 3month intervals.
      Native flora again. This was the third piece I did; when I finished the basic art and before grouting I was in total disillusionment about what I had done. I didn’t think it was that good, looked very basic and lots of craters between glass and tiles. Then I grouted the piece and I couldn’t have been more surprised with the result. I was astounded; and it has become one of my favourite pieces. It is 1200mm square with a copper frame.
It has been on show in the foyer area of the Fay Richwhite building in Auckland but removed after 2 years when a promised rental by the building managers was not forthcoming. Oh get things in writing, Kiernan.
      This piece won the New Zealand National Contemporary Mosaic Exhibition in 2013 at Pataka Gallery in Wellington. The theme relates to the fact that many young people can no longer experience job satisfaction because they either cannot get jobs at all, or have to get casual jobs that offer very little future; even university educated people find that getting a job is not a given in the 'modern' climate of economic activity. They are becoming part of the 'price of inequality'. Therefore many will say: Y BOTHA. 800mm x 600mm; glass tiles and pebbles; steel frame.
      Flipflops.Unglazed ceramic with glass and shells suggesting
all the treasures that sand and the tide can give up.
For sale
      This Bluebird mosaic is on permanent exhibition as part of the City of Culture,
Flight to Freedom BAMM North exhibition at Hull Paragon
Interchange Station. The murmuration of birds
depict the journey of European immigrants to Britain and to
the USA.
      Delicious ice cream! Iridescent and gold glass shards, Venetian millefiori and painted
glass cabochons make up this Italian inspired mosaic
Currently on display at Poma Gelato, Beverley, East Yorkshire
For sale
      Italian dove with a heart of a religious symbol particular to the Puglian region of Italy.
Travertine, glass, marble, found objects and glass.
      Glass and found objects with Venetian millefiori
For sale
Detail of Mermaid       Stained, vitreous glass, millefiori, fused cabochons on ply
      My two passions - glass and wax, combined
      Private commission to celebrate recipient's favourite destinations. Stained, vitreous and fused glass with SMALTI on ply.
      2' x 4' community mosaic created by participants at a Cheshire Mental Health Residential. Vitreous, micror and stained glass on external ply.
      <p>Garden table using the uncleared floor idea</p>
 Affiche - Atelier Mosaïque de la Vallée - Sylvie Foisel-Guigues       Poster - Atelier Mosaïque de la Vallée - Sylvie Foisel-Guigues
Atelier Mosaïque de la Vallée - Sylvie Foisel-Guigues - Sa Douleur       Sa Douleur - Atelier Mosaïque de la Vallée - Sylvie Foisel-Guigues
Atelier Mosaïque de la Vallée - Sylvie Foisel-Guigues - Trajectoires       Trajectoires - Atelier Mosaïque de la Vallée - Sylvie Foisel-Guigues
Atelier Mosaïque de la Vallée - Sylvie Foisel-Guigues - Confluences Détail       Confluences - Atelier Mosaïque de la Vallée - Sylvie Foisel-Guigues
Atelier Mosaïque de la Vallée - Sylvie Foisel-Guigues - Rivière de fleurs       Rivière de fleurs Klimt - Atelier Mosaïque de la Vallée - Sylvie Foisel-Guigues
mermaid mosaic       Olive is a guardian princess, a bringer of wholeness. She is of the water realms, rich in deep emotions, where internal battles are fought. Life is full of deep water and adventure, yet we depend on the sun for warmth, the earth for solidity, and the air for raising our spirits. She possesses the power to traverse all places with an ability to take us out of our depths using the heart source, a weapon for change that links all realms. Evelyn is her seahorse companion, an attribute of the sea god Neptune/Poseidon, she is the keeper of strength and patience.
      commission for a pet lover
crash glass, tempered glass mosaic       Imagery embedded in crash glass, reflects and sparkles in the summer sun
child portrait mosaic       A child full of promise and radiance.
      Commission for a human's best friend
      I wanted to study with Alessandra and Romuald at the there Studio in Venice Italy, "Artefact Mosaic Studio." I had that opportunity for two weeks in 2019.
Wolf was created on this course and I love this technique and of course, being in Venice.

12" x 14"
      This is Ancient Bird is the first mosaic I created in from my New Mexico studio and home.
12" x 8"
November 2020
In 2002 I attended a 3 week course with Martin Cheek. A week in Venice and two weeks on the Island of Evia in Greece. We took a couple of tours in Venice and Athens to discover what we wanted to create while in the workshop. This Parrot is what I found.

This is a portion of, "St. George Baptising the Gentile" painting by Vittore Carpaccio

smalti, roti, vitreous
      Whispering and Screaming
This is one of my favorite mosaics. I like the combination of materials, from the rugged rock to the smalti, marble and slate.

6" x 11"
slate, smalti, marble, rock
Lots of changes have been a part of my journey and many times it's been a challenge to maintain my composure. Expressing emotions thorugh art is a help.

millefiori, smalti, gold smalt
Carpathian mountains      
Golden pear      
Byzantine face      
Bird       Small mosaic made with smalti and sicis glass, creating texture and movement and reflections
Window       Textural work with smalti, sicis glass, stone and marble. Inspired by the early afternoons when I lived in Italy
Bee       Small work cast in concrete, made with stained glass, smalti, sicis glass, mille fiori and marble. Bees are declining in the world and I made this to highlight that problem. A single bee with a large flower that would, of course, not exist without the bee.
Sea       Inspired by a Sargent painting and made with stained glass and various different mosaic tiles.
Evening Flight       A piece taken from a photo I took one evening when on holiday in the West Country. It is made with different types of glass tiles. I was trying to show the peace of the sunset and the lines of colours in the sky while the flock of birds flew somewhere to roost for the night.
wall art in mosaic featuring a chicken and flowers       Made for the Perthshire Open Studios Taster exhibition at the Bield, near Perth.

The chicken / cockerel is one from the Bield's steading, and is quite a flamboyant one! The Bield operates as a charity, and offers placements for young adults who need to learn skills, including communication, work ethos etc.

I have reproduced him with a variety of broken crockery, including a mug which had chickens on it, and a few mugs which had my father's church on (Eccleshall, in Staffordshire).

The background is made of vintage dishes, where I have cut all the circles out. And the flowers are mostly stoneware.
patio centrepiece in mosaic       Commissioned by the local Girl Guiding group in Shieldhill, by Falkirk, to be the focal point of the patio area in a community garden.

The original design was developed from being one large image of the guiding trefoil, to include individual elements representing the three key areas of guiding (Girl Guides, Brownies and Rainbows), and that it is part of a butterfly conservation garden.

We held a drop-in day which was very successful, allowing the community to get involved. Then the mosaic was completed at my workshop. Made as 7 individual paving slabs, it was finally installed into a paved area.

"The mosaic has been well admired and talked about; and it has survived the several days of very hard frost and freezing temperatures.we have had here in Shieldhill."
brick wall covered in mosaic flowers, birds, butterflies and bugs.  school project       Teaching and advising the art teacher of the School, so that all the children made a piece for the mosaic, be it a flower head, an owl, or butterfly, I was then tasked with 4 days to install all the pieces, and teach the art of grouting to all the volunteers. By far the biggest and most spectacular of my wall mosaics, given the enjoyment of the children each seeing their piece in situ
      Flower Cloud was a commission with a purpose. The client looked out of her kitchen onto a pebble-dashed garage wall, which was a bit bleak, so she commissioned the mosaic so she would look out onto a bright colourful garden in mosaic instead.

Made onto a suitable board, the mosaic is made of bone china dishes, glass and tile, with ceramic stoneware wastage from a local potter. A lot of charity shop finds have gone into this mosaic.
Exhibition mosaic featuring a garden of flowers with a path meandering through       Inspired by an illustration in a calendar, I loved the concept of a path through a meadow, with a garden gate beyond to fields.

The oval frame is originally held a large mirror, but makes the perfect surround for this mosaic. The path, made of the edges of a ceramic plate, meanders through a meadow of flowers, which are made from a whole combination of dishes, mugs, cups and broken china. The flower centres are fused from scraps of glass, each being unique. The sky is vintage tile, and the leaves and branches are from wine bottle glass.
Symphony of the Sun       'Music of the Eye' exhibition, Corinium Museum, Cirencester (UK).
This mosaic is part of the book "Mosaic fine art abstracts" by Irit Levy and Pam Givens, and "101 motifs interprétés en mosaïque" by Muriel Ligerot.

Unglazed ceramic, gold, coloured mirror
Songes       Triptych. Gold, colored mirror, black thinset

This piece has been part of the "Art nouveau" exhibition at Opus Gallery in Exeter (UK), and is showed in Muriel Ligerot mosaic book "101 dessins interprétés en mosaïque".
Gran Pa       Portrait of Wisdom

Mosaic portrait - Winklemans unglazed ceramics
Edwige       Contribution to the Doctors without Borders on-line auction 2014

Le point du jour (at dawn)       The moment when the light shows through the darkness of night and a new day begins

Albertini smalti, Mexican smalti, dichroic glass, white gold
Andamentropy - Marian Shapiro       A play on the combination of Andamento and entropy
unglazed ceramic, gold smalti, shards on hand-formed substrate
Unfolding       Unfolding
120 x 50 cm. Smalti, marble, stained glass
Quilt       One of the fabric series. 60 x 40 cm
Vitreous glass on hand-formed substrate.
Apple       Appke in stained glass
Pears       Pears in stained glass
Flower bowl       Flower bowl in stained glass
Cleaning up after installation.       Cleaning up following installation of this pavement mosaic as part of the Pattern of Life commission that was a collaboration with sculptor Diane Gorvin.
Ravensbury Primary School       Pupils at Ravensbury Primary School made a set of nine kites, inspired by their school logo. The kites form part of the uplifting and colourful new signage on the front wall of their school building.They were given careful instruction but loads of freedom and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.
Typographical Mosaic; words "Well" and "Crafted"       This mosaic was made for an exhibition at the beerhouse of an independent Manchester brewery specialising in distinctive Craft Ales.
Mosaic Mural in A bricked up Gothic Arch Church doorway       This mosaic was made with over 100 participants from the neighbourhood. It is approximately 3 metres high and 2 metres wide and made from frost resistant glazed porcelain tile and glass.
      Opposite Tate Modern on the north bank of the River Thames, the Queenhithe Mosaic tells the story of Queenhithe, the medieval port out of which the modern city of London grew.

Mosaic, Drift wood, Sculpture       Drift wood and mosaic
Detail of mosaic mural       Detail from a larger mosaic mural on a garden wall, France
Mosaic, France, found objects, Wall Mural       Mosaic worked Direct onto a garden wall depicting Collioure, France
Return to the Med panels - side by side       Mosaic panels - made into a back to back mosaic - now in the grounds of the Miramar Hotel, Bournemouth, Dorset
Mosaic, panels, Feature wall,       Double sided mosaic - sun and moon - seascape through an arch - memory of a holiday
Lancashire Heeler Dog Pebble Mosaic      
      Leisure Centre, Sleaford, Lincolnshire. Porcelain pavement mosaic measuring 9.2mtrs x 3.5mtrs at its widest. Client: North Kesteven District Council.
      Holbeach, Lincolnshire. Wall mounted mosaic set
in a steel frame. Measures 6mtrs long x 3mtrs high. Mosaic depicts the history of
Holbeach and its inhabitants. Client: Lincolnshire County Council.
      A Series of three pavement mosaics along a
stretch of the banks of the River Slea, Sleaford, Lincolnshire. The mosaics chronicle the
history of the history and development of the movement of goods on the waterway.
Each mosaic measures 300cm x 90cm. Client: North Kesteven District Council.
      Outdoor sculpture. New Park Street, Hamilton,
Lanarkshire. Three large oak leaves in GRP, steel and ceramic measuring 4mtrs high x
7mtrs long x 3.5mtrs wide. Client: Morrison’s Supermarkets Plc.
      A mosaic portrait of my son Glen when he was 10 years old.
Inspired by Byzantine mosaics. Materials used include Italian limestone, Carrera marble, and Venetian smalti.
      A modern mosaic using ancient materials & techniques including Italian limestone, Carrera marble and Venetian smalti. The challenge was to portray the softness of the feathers using hard materials.
      Experimenting with materials - using stained glass in a more abstract way to portray the mother zebra's patterning. The young zebra was created using more traditional mosaic tiles - vitreous glass. The background consists of a selection of vitreous glass, iridescent, mirror and metallic backed tiles.
60 x 60cm on cement fibre panel.
      The Spira mirabilis mandala mosaic combines ancient and modern materials and techniques. An exploration of how they can sit together - the gold and Venetian smalti ungrouted in the centre beside modern vitreous glass, mirror, iridescent and glass tiles grouted.
The subject is the logarithmic spiral - the spiral of growth found in many diverse areas of nature eg. nautilus shell, fern leaves growth, hurricanes and tornadoes, human foetus...
A pure mathematical design and ratio.
      Continuing the Mandala theme and a study in paring back - restraint... Considering movement, lines, reflections, patterns and geometry.
60 x 60 cm on cement fibre panel suitable for indoors.
3D3       Stainless steel structure with mosaic panels
There are 8 sides to the tree, each representing a season Local flora and fauna are depicted
The little warriors       This sculpture is provisionally titled “Na laochra bídeacha” . It is positioned externally outside the Naionra of Gaelscoil Dara. The sculpture depicts 4 life sized pupils, they are ‘bonded’ and ‘moulded’ together to symbolise friendship and protection. The faces are mirrored stainless steel to allow for pupil interaction. The designs of the cloaks/capes are intended to fortify each character with a superhero strength based on the elements of nature. The inner clothing is based on traditional textile designs . The plinth on which they stand also functions as a seating area .
St.Brigid mosaic       The brief for this percent for art scheme commission, was to “create an imaginative 2-D realistic representation of St. Brigid that would be child-friendly and would invite pupil participation in its construction”
Inspired by the pupils drawings , and the many legends of St. Brigid I portrayed a life-sized St. Brigid in a fantastical landscape where her magical cloak shimmers, sparkles and envelopes the floor before her.
Each pupil was asked to draw a ‘magical flower “ The pupils drawings were replicating exactly in glass mosaic To indicate artistic development and to ensure each class is represented flowers was chosen from every age group form 4 to 12
Garden mosaic       THE MOSAIC GARDEN is an imaginative ,vibrant exterior artwork .

In the centre of the artwork is a circular 2 metre wide ground level mosaic. The design of this mosaic is relevant to the environment and is inspired by the four elements of nature , Earth,Wind, Fire and Water.

Surrounding this central floor mosaic are 8 seats, One for each class. The seat forms are made of concrete and are covered with a mosaic design of brightly coloured flowers . Every one of the 146 pupils in the school drew a flower which I then replicated exactly in glass mosaic. Their name is indelibly printed on the stem of their flower .

The seat is topped by a 70 cm hardwood circle which can sit up to 4 pupils per seat. The piece can accommodate up to 32 pupils and is suitable for use as an outdoor classroom .
A ‘void’ was left in the concrete form of the seat and embedded within it are ‘time capsules’ containing each pupils written word and artwork projects which explored the theme “ME”

The central mosaic and seating area are surrounded by a circular formation of indigenous trees.
Scoil Bhuite Mosaic      
This 2017 commission was designed to represent the school community and environment and to act as a puzzle/ game. This glass mosaic hangs in the school foyer . There are many 'hidden' elements that include ladybirds, bees and butterflies. Pupils can find and identify birds, trees and animals. Every pupil contributed to the design, Their drawings are included and were collated and made into decals that feature as the design of the pupils clothing. Pupils drawings of the local landmarks were made in decals and also appear.
      One of the hares on the 2017 Cotswold Hare trail
      Hare mosaicked as part of the 2014 Cirencester March Hare trail.
      Exhibited at Chedworth Roman Villa in 2016. Glass mosaic on acrylic
      Exhibited at Chedworth Roman Villa, 2016. Glass mosaic on wedi
      Glass on glass mosaic
Reef       Inspired by Blue Planet 2 and made for Artists open Houses, Rottingdean, Brighton 2018
      This pique assiette cat sculpture has been created out of insulating foam and is a memorial to my cat TINKY WINKY who died six years ago.He stands about 3ft high to top of his tail and he is adorned with pieces of ceramic,glass and tiles and other quirky pieces.
      Sculpture created from a wire fruit bowl and chicken wire. He is adorned with ceramic tiles, glass pieces, mirror and other found objects. He is roughly 3ft in length.
      Daisy is sculpted from insulating foam and stands about 2ft high. She has been covered in bits of crockery and glass.
      2 woodpeckers on a tree made from a ceramic boot. Melted glass flowers and leaves. Woodpeckers made from glass and ceramic with some text.
      Small outdoor wall hanging on slate. This design is created out of a mixture of kiln melted glass and ceramics
Mosaic Fish, North Uist       Taigh
Chearsabhagh Art Centre, North Uist, Outer Hebrides. This sculpture,
the William MacGillivray Bi-centenary Sculpture Project on North Uist,
is a three dimensional sculpture of a mackerel (once common in the Outer
Hebrides, now less so). Funded by the Scottish Arts Council and
Scottish Natural Heritage, it is five metres long, and constructed
directly on to the rock. The mosaic is composed of: local pebbles (white
marble, black basalt), shells, and sea-worn glass. The sculpture was
constructed to withstand being submerged by high tides.
Essex Skipper Butterfly Sculpture, Colchester       Artwork
commissioned by Colchester Borough Council for the Big Garden, High
Woods Country Park, Colchester, Essex. Made of metal and vitreous
mosaic, the sculpture is approximately two and a half metres high, and
features a locally found butterfly. The structure was made by Thrussell
& Thrussell metal smiths.
Warneford Hospital Sculpture, Oxford       Sculpture
commission for Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Mental Health NHS
Foundation Trust. Funded by Arts Council England and Artscape. Vitreous
glass mosaic applied to six stainless steel waves that undulate down a
gentle slope. The piece was inspired by Walt Whitman’s poem: ‘As I Ebb’d
with the Ocean of Life’.
Highfield Hospital Wall Panel, Oxford       Artwork for the new Highfield Hospital building. One of a series of mosaic panels, inspired by drawings by the residents. Vitreous tesserae and coloured grout.
'Goldfish Pond'       Vitreous and gold leaf tesserae. 107 x 45 cm.
      My first sculpture. I stumbled across this piece of Juniper in my yard, and was headed to the yard debris bin, when I looked at it a bit more closely. It started to speak to me! I realized that I could work with it and create a sculpture. It took a few twists and turns, and arrived here.
Juniper, Orsoni gold, steel base.
      Inspired by the record winter of 2017 where I live. So much snow and ice accumulated around our house, and dripping off the roof, forming amazing icicles.
Handformed sculptural substrate, smalti, glass, selenite, wood.
      Mortar, pigment, burlap, stones, and strips of an old mosaic cut on the wet saw. New material from a failed piece!
      Inspired by peeling paint and plaster on the walls of a stairwell in an old building.
Glass, stone, chunk of old telephone wire crusted with layers of paint salvaged from a house that was being repainted. Mortar substrate colored with pastel.
glass mosaic portrait       Portrait of my dad made of spectrum glass and Nebula glass tiles
licorice mosaic portrait       Portrait made out of licorice on wood.
Glass mosaic bench       Glass mosaic bench made together with refugees in an asylum centre
Glass mosaic snake       3D snake sculpture made of glass mosaic tiles
 Mosaic - size 60cm x 80cm       Saviour Mosaic - size 60cm x 80cm
Contemporary Mosaic       The Golden Egg of Love<br />
Fabergé was hosting the worlds largest Easter Egg Hunt starting February 21st 2012 in London.<br />
Fabergé was spreading 200 eggs throughout the city and was encouraging members of the public to find the eggs before the deadline.<br />
The jewelry brand has asked various artists and jewelers including the Chapman brothers, Ivan Djidjev, Vivienne Westwood, Giles Deacon, Zandra Rhodes, Diane von Furstenberg, Sophie Dahl, Rob Ryan and William Curley to each design an egg.
Contemporary Mosaic       <em><strong>Quintessence </strong></em>
<div class="rtejustify">I was inspired to create the mosaic of “Quintessence” after very thorough research on the fifth element as the medieval alchemist used to call it. It is actually the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere. The concept of ether was used in several theories to explain several natural phenomena, such as the traveling of light and gravity. In the late 19th century, physicists postulated that ether permeated all throughout space, providing a medium through which light could travel in a vacuum. Despite the early modern ether models being superseded by general relativity, occasionally some physicists have attempted to reintroduce the concept of ether in an attempt to address perceived deficiencies in current physical models. One proposed model of dark energy has been named "quintessence" by its proponents, in honor of the classical element. It has also been called a fifth fundamental force. I have been inspired by all of that to create a mosaic of marble, natural stone, granite, Mosaic Dona Murano and gold.</div>
Contemporary Mosaic       DNA
Contemporary Mosaic       The Queen of the Night

Materials: Canvas, Dona Murano Filati and Smalti, Natural Stones, Gold
Dimensions: 77 W x 62 H x 3 cm

      A sculpture I made for a school using stainless steel and french porcelain mosaic.
      A commission for the botanical gardens pavilion in Sheffield.
Knight House Mosaic       This 20m2 mosaic commissioned for a new 13 storey building in Sheffield took me about 6 weeks of long days to make. I loved working with the pastel colours which are an expanded palette of the suffragette colours. Working with Professor Julie Gottlieb from Sheffield University to create the timeline etched in brass and applied to the there dimensional oak inserts was a joy and it was fascinating finding out a bit more about the origins of the women's movement in the UK.
The shapes and layers in the piece are influenced by geological features mainly sedimentary layers representing time and a build up of feeling in the movement.
I hand cut every piece to fit myself to create this unique pattern.
Knight House Mosaic       This 20m2 mosaic commissioned for a new 13 storey building in Sheffield took me about 6 weeks of long days to make. I loved working with the pastel colours which are an expanded palette of the suffragette colours. Working with Professor Julie Gottlieb from Sheffield University to create the timeline etched in brass and applied to the there dimensional oak inserts was a joy and it was fascinating finding out a bit more about the origins of the women's movement in the UK.
The shapes and layers in the piece are influenced by geological features mainly sedimentary layers representing time and a build up of feeling in the movement.
I hand cut every piece to fit myself to create this unique pattern.
      Commissioned by Sheffield NHS Trust for a year long project making mosaics with patients in the spinal injuries department and staff.
Rebuilding life after a major life change can be tricky, slowly your colours come back one by one. 27 triangular boxes were made with patients. I was lead artist working with two other artists Seiko Kinoshita and Jason Thomson.
      A commission from a friend for an outside table. I loved making this piece, it is so me.

This double facet mosaic captures the glittering sun rays during the day and moonshine at night.
      A commission for a walled garden in Marple, Cheshire. The client found me by looking at the BAMM site one week after I had joined!
      Made with glass, tesserae and ceramic tiles. My Green Man overlooks my garden and wards away evil spirits - I think he also talks to and encourages my plants.
      A commissioned piece. The client bought me sample of their curtain material wand wanted a match!
The Green Man.      
      fused and painted glass and mixed media
Lighthouse mosaic      
      vitreous glass and crockery
      vitreous glass and stained glass
      wall tiles, crockery, shattered window glass, vitreous glass
      vitreous glass
      vitreous glass, mirror tile, ceramic objects, broken crockery, gold tile
Introspection       Introspection

Become one with nature, a look into the souls of the trees.
The process transformed the face of the original sketch into a self-portrait.

Materials: Tiles and glass mosaics.
Strength       Strength

Inspired by the landscape of my island Bornholm, where forest and sea become one.
Tridimensional picture that symbolizes the strength of nature, or maybe my own ...
This work was just started when I lost my husband unexpectedly. In the original sketch the fisherman was coming to the beach. Turning the image around and letting the fisherman sail on its journey allowed me to be able to continue creating.

Materials: Glass, tiles, recycled ceramics, founded objects. Australian opal from Kelds travels. Mortar, acrylic paint.
Bornholm’s cliffs landscape.       Bornholm’s cliffs landscape.

This works both a picture and a three-dimensional model of my island’s cliff landscape, with emerald colored lakes, ice, cliffs and forests.

It is made in stones form Bornholm, minerals and crystals, ceramics.
Oyster       Oyster

Inspired by the Pacific Ocean. Memories of childhood of marine foam and shells, in which the singing of the sea is heard.

Wall sculpture Made of marble, smalti and glass. Drops in moonstone and touches of Australian opaline.
Winter landscape       Winter landscape

Mirror inspired in the frozen forests, made of recycled porcelain and ceramics, lapis lazuli og Millefiori.
Wild Swans mosaic made from vintage china (photo credit Steve Russell Studios)       Inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytale “The Wild Swans”. These Wild Swans mosaics come in different colour ways and are crafted from vintage china.
Mosaic Swallows (Photo credit Steve Russell Studios)       Handcrafted swallows in three different sizes, made from from vintage china, each bird unique in pattern and colour.
Blue and gold mosaic swallows (Photo credit Steve Russell Studios)       Unique swallows made from vintage blue and gold china
Mosaic Bluetit       Mosaic bluetit in flight made from vintage china
Mosaic Ducks in style of 1950s Beswick Flying Ducks       Trio of mosaic mallard ducks created in the style of iconic 1950s ceramic ducks by Beswick pottery
      30" H x 40" W
Stained Glass, Ceramics, Metalwork & Found Objects
      12" x 12"
Stained Glass, Mirror & Found Objects
Strix       Strix is a barn owl who will live under an ornamental pear tree in Wales, after spending a couple months in "Art in the Garden" at Hopetoun Garden Centre, West Lothian, Scotland.

Strix is made of aluminum wire and cement adhesive and is covered in mosaic pieces ranging from shells, to silver spoons to gold smalti.
Queen of the May       Mixed recycled ceramics and vitreous glass on board.
Standing/Sitting       Mosaics based on my life drawings. Recycled ceramic tiles and vitreous glass on concrete backer in a painted steel frame.
Asha, the mosaic tiger       Asha is made of vitreous glass mosaic tiles, with a steel, fibreglass mesh and cement body. She is 1.4 m long and about 65 cm high and is suitable for outdoors. Private commission.
Our Lady Crowned       2m by 1m mosaic in smalti situated in St Catherine Labouré's Catholic Church, Glasgow.
Mosaic mural installation       The contribution of the arts to health and well-being has long been recognised and debated. Not just through the creation of commissioned artworks for healthcare buildings, but also by engaging directly with patients, managers and healthcare staff to support their well-being and quality of life. In the wider community, the arts are said by some to contribute to health and wellbeing, to enhancing social relationships, social cohesion and a sense of purpose and engagement, and to building social capital – a suggested major determinant of health.

It is with these factors, and the consideration of the personal experiences and values of others, that Debbie prefers to create work with elements of collaboration, and often in more traditional mediums such as mosaic or glass.
Koru       This is a mosaic sculpture that I made during an artist residency at Earthskin Muriwai, in New Zealand.
Clyde       Clyde was commissioned by South Lanarkshire Council. The design of Clyde is based upon the local ancient valley woodland of South Lanarkshire.

Clyde was commissioned as a mosaic sculpture for the public art trail 'The Big Stampede' in Hamilton, Scotland. The sculpture was located in an external setting for public viewing. Then at the end of the exhibition. Clyde was sold in a charity auction in 2017 for the Big Stampede Charity Auction, thus raising over £7000 for Glasgow Hospital Children's Charity. Clyde was the top-selling sculpture for the event and will be placed in a community hub that is currently under construction.
Queenie       Guardian of the Bridges is a permanent mosaic sculpture sited next to the Forth in South Queensferry, Scotland.

This was a collaborative mosaic sculpture project that was designed and made with local primary school children. The surface of the sculpture is decorated by mosaics made in creative workshops held for school children. Their mosaics were embedded into the tesserae by the Artist and Project Manager Debbie Ryan.

Over 700 participants were involved in creative workshops. Commissioned by Queensferry Ambition and funded by Creative Scotland.
Bervie Coat of Arms       A new mosaic was commissioned to complete a sculpture trail. In the town of Inverbervie, Scotland.

This was installed at a site within a community garden in the town. The garden is being developed by a voluntary group called Brighter Bervie. They are currently planting some Scottish grown white roses as a compliment to the mosaic Coat of Arms.
Wetterhorn, with Simmental Cattle       86 x 61 cm

Slate, Marble, Ceramic, Glass
Gharial - fish eating crocodile       IUCN status "critically endangered". Only 200 wild pairs left in Asia. Male Gharial has bulbous snout, derived from Indian pot called a "Ghara".

40 x 40 cm

Glass fusion, Marble, Ceramic, Glass
      This little furry gem has a beautiful stripy amber/chocolate tail with back feet that rotate 180 degrees! They are endemic to the tiny island of Cozumel off Mexican coast, critically endangered with only 250 mature individuals known to be in existence.

50 x 26.5 cm
ceramic, glass fusion
      Critically endangered, this beautiful gamebird has a striking blue/white frontal casque and is threatened by land clearance for crops, logging, mining plus oil/gas drilling. The Sira Curassow grows to nearly 1 metre in length and lives in the Amazonas and central Peru.

55 x 43 cm

Stained glass, ceramic, glass fusion

      The male pea fowl is a spiritual symbol of the integrity and beauty that can be achieved when we endeavour to show our true colours. I know well the very human challenges in revealing and revelling in the beautiful colours of your inner self, and allowing them to ring true. I also know well the destructive human consequences of not doing so.

A peacock symbol in Christianity denotes an “all- seeing” church. Some have said the tail feathers are like the vault of heaven and the feather eyes are like stars. The peacock sheds its tail annually and renewal of this tail is deemed to be an indicator of resurrection and immortality. There is an elegance, a nobility, a pride in demonstrating to the world the vibrant glory of its plumage. The peacock walks tall and proud even when without its tail feathers; there is an innate self- belief that it has something special to show for itself in due course. It knows that there will be an awakening to rejuvenated colourful God- given magnificence.

The iridescence of the peacock feather colours are inspiring. The inky indigo; the emerald green; the calming turquoise; the zingy lime; the burnished golden copper. I always work with a peacock feather nearby to remind me of the brilliance (in both senses of the word) of nature. I find peace in anything nature related.
      My Christian faith guides me and is central to the way I live my life: hence the cross symbolism. I had two Godmothers and both were strong independent women; The fact that neither were Christian did not detract from their inspirational roles in my life. They were prominent figures in my childhood and I have fond memories of both.

“Auntie Pam”: Pamela Essex died in 2015 and it was with her small bequest that I started Peacock Mosaics in a spirit of entrepreneurial independence that she would be proud of.

The 3 flying ceramic doves used to swing from a ceiling mobile in my childhood bedroom which was decorated in the muted pinks and greys of the unglued ceramic tesserae. From bottom up the dove flight directions indicate firstly, the positive trajectory of my childhood; secondly, the dipping within my self esteem and confidence in the transition to, and during, my early adult life; then thirdly, the upward lift from my faith and from huge growth in self esteem.
      Previously I was a Neonatal Doctor. I am also a mother. The central ammonite mother/baby: maybe representing procreation, maybe my own birth. I enjoy spirals; echoing life’s earthly beginning and heavenly everlasting end.

Marine/dull orange strands are times of depression…. no black because personal growth always arises. Mirrored strands reflect extreme joy. Blue/green interruptions: the niggling critical inner voice.

Dull unglazed tiles radiate in wonky concentric circles: my dutiful progression through formal medical training; ending abruptly for contractual reasons. “Found” naturalistic coastal treasures represent singletons, twins, triplets, stillbirths, premature babies, congenitally abnormal babies, all an honour to care for: I miss those babies.

Next come rich, burnished, fiery colours. Concentricity continues; whilst I slowly cut the umbilical cord of my medical career, resuscitate and transform my self; yet dissipates as I evolve and freely indulge my innate creativity. Sparkle and glimmer abound. Red enveloping grey: maybe a womb, maybe blood, sweat and tears of labours of love, maybe a reassuring hug.
      I often find January a testing month. The grey days are short, the light is low, colours are muted; The aftermath of Christmas and New Year get-togethers with family and friends can leave me drained and questioning…….less busy January days are filled with ruminating as my mind talk is no longer kept in check for appearances sake. There are curves and lines and angles: I am vulnerable.

Luckily, usually, there is a moment for me to grab hold of and help me to wrestle my mind back in control: such a thing might be the purity of snow flurries, and the childish excited anticipation of whether the flakes will settle; (as indicated by the white tesserae in this piece) or it might be the cosiness from my prolonged use of fairy lights to decorate our home; (as indicated by the mirror tesserae) or again it might be the ripple effect I notice occurring after someone gives me a droplet of kindness, thoughtfulness or of appreciation; (as symbolised by the glass nugget and radiating circles)
      A different style......realism which I enjoyed very much but which doesn't feature often in my art.

I am lucky enough to have a cottage garden which blooms all summer and allows escapism through a different sort of creativity. I am often at my happiest weeding on hands and knees under some herbaceous plant with dirt under my nails and grass seeds in my hair!!
      Slate, Glass and Smalti on hand made substrate
      Slate, Smalti, Litovi
      <a href="http://www.mosaics.wildgeckos.com/escape-kokopelli-mosaic/">http://www.mosaics.wildgeckos.com/escape-kokopelli-mosaic/ </a><br />
Made using Carrie Reichardt tiles.
      <a href="http://www.mosaics.wildgeckos.com/the-turtle-mosaic/">http://www.mosaics.wildgeckos.com/the-turtle-mosaic/</a>
      <a href="http://www.mosaics.wildgeckos.com/the-octopus-mosaic/">http://www.mosaics.wildgeckos.com/the-octopus-mosaic/</a>
      <a href="http://www.mosaics.wildgeckos.com/we-will-walk-together-mosaic/">http://www.mosaics.wildgeckos.com/we-will-walk-together-mosaic/</a>
      <a href="http://www.mosaics.wildgeckos.com/wall-flower-mosaic/">http://www.mosaics.wildgeckos.com/wall-flower-mosaic/</a>
Armistice Poppy       Armistice Poppy - a tribute to all who gave their lives during WW1
      Renewal - Mosaic Tree Stump
      Bird Bath Workshop with Helen Nock
      Night & Day, Garden Egg Sculpture, WIP
      Gaudiesque Guinea Fowl
Snowfell without frame       When snow once fell ....

Foreshadow       Rock wall of Crater Lake painted fire red by the setting sun, silhouetting dead old growth and growing fire ladders in the foreground.
Monet's Magpie       Mobile animals may adapt by moving to higher elevations as temperatures rise.
Of Eden       Shasta daisies, a vigorous, unnatural hybrid, has invaded N. America and become naturalized.
Out of the blue, is about Reflection the 'Head Chakra' appears out of the blue on the beach from my Yoga practice Mosaic on MDF 20cm by 30 cm glass and ceramic tiles, beach glass, pebbles millefiori and rock       Out of the blue, is about Reflection the 'Head Chakra' appears out of the blue on the beach from my Yoga practice Mosaic on MDF 20cm by 30 cm glass and ceramic tiles, beach glass, pebbles millefiori and rock
Gold Rush- Mosaic made on 35 cm diameter MDF with glass and metallic tiles gold and blue shards of Gold is associated with  winning such as gold medals and gold stars.In the context of religion golden robes adorn deities. Gold also symbolizes stability in many cultures, and is  associated i with  achievement, stability , sustainability and security       Gold Rush- Mosaic made on 35 cm diameter MDF with glass and metallic tiles gold and blue shards of glass
This mosaic is about Achievement.Gold is associated with winning such as gold medals and gold stars.In the context of religion golden robes adorn deities.
Gold also symbolises stability in many cultures, and is associated i with achievement, stability , sustainability and security
A lady in a pink veilLady with a pink veil mosaic 15cm by 20 cm on marine ply using ceramic and glass tiles, millfori and old jewellery       Lady with a pink veil mosaic 15cm by 20 cm on marine ply using ceramic and glass tiles, millfori and old jewellery. The inspiration for this mosaic came from a Lady on the street I photographed in Rajasthan. It was interesting to uncover how one art form can be transported in another medium deepening the character and presence of a person
Textiles of India. This mosaic was about preserving a precious memory taken from a silk sari gifted to me by my mother       This mosaic was about preserving a precious memory taken from a silk sari gifted to me by my mother
The mosaic is on plywood 20cm x 20 cm using hammer and hardie in Byzantine style using glass smalti
Indian  and continental wedding symbolism on slate. The inspiration for this piece comes from my two cultures and draws on the diversities and commonalitiesassociated with weddings on all continents. Use of bangles, marigold flowers the colour red , yellow and white, rice, shells and walking on a path are conceptualised in this piece which is created on slate       Indian and continental wedding symbolism on slate. The inspiration for this piece comes from my two cultures and draws on the diversities and commonalities associated with weddings on all continents. Use of bangles, marigold flowers the colour red , yellow and white, rice, shells and walking on a path are conceptualised in this piece which is created on slate 30 cm x 30 cm
Hare pendant       Simple but effective pagan inspired hare running for the moon. Mixed media.
Fish mosaic       Smalti, ceramic and glass tiles. A small fish mosaic.
Mosaic om       Chakra coloured Om. 6 inches.
wine cabinet, wine room, wine rack, under stair wine room      
Venus mosaic with marble and smalti       32 x 44 cm.
Marble, smalti, mirror and thinset with marble as background.
mosaic portrait       20 x 32 cm.
Materials: stones, bricks, shells and background of thinset, pigment and marble powder.
mosaic portrait       20 x 20 cm.
Materials: stones, smalti, glass and backgound of thinset, pigment and marble powder.
mermaid tail       Height: 9o cm.
Materials: Mosaic of glass, mirror and millefiori.
Inside: styropor and concrete with fibres.
Mosaic table       60 cm diameter.
Materials: Marble, ceramic tiles and glass.
Indirect method on wediboard.
Seagulls and fish mosaic from broken china and glazed ceramic tiles       Totland Seagulls and fish
Gecko mosaic, bone china       Gecko mosaic
Mosaic time capsule marker       Time capsule mosaic marker for Oakfield Primary School 2018
Craft Fair stand summer 2018       Craft Fair stand summer 2018
Totland community mosaic       Totland community mosaic project, started 2017
Dog       Alex - a dog in marble. Created on a course in September 2018 with Christian Sicault in France.
Lady       Created in summer 2018 at Helen Miles' course in The Pelion in Greece. Marble.
Red-necked spurfowl       A South African bird. Created in summer 2019 at a Helen Miles workshop in the Pelion, Greece. Marble.
Puma, my cat       Created in 2015, my own design. Puma lies like this in front of the fire. A truly double-jointed cat.
Running Deer       Created in 2014, one of several kits I did supplied by Roman Mosaic Workshops. Thanks Lawrence.
daffodils       Inspired by a trip to the Lake district when I saw fields of them. I wandered lonely as a cloud

That floats on high o'er vales and hills,

When all at once I saw a crowd,

A host, of golden daffodils;

Beside the lake, beneath the trees,

Fluttering and dancing in the breeze. ( William Wordsworth)
blackbird in winterland       I particularly like depicting blackbirds in my work. Here's a winter version.
Venice       Venice is where I am from and the most beautiful city in the world (and the city of glass!)
heron       Another beautiful bird, this time one that lives by the sea.
puffin       Meet a friendly puffin. I had to make one as I went to Iceland determined to see one but they eluded me!
      mixed media on plywood
      On a reversed table top in Mahogany! - re-use and recycle!
broken crockery, glass tiles, beads, millifiori
      Glass on glass - grouted and framed in lead.
      All the colours of the rainbow. Picassiette garden table 14"x14"
      Arte et Labore. Picassiette garden table made for a Blackburn Rovers fan, featuring the club motto and the red rose of Lancashire
      Blue tit from glass tiles and vintage china
on 4mm plywood
      Picassiette garden table in shades of pink, made with vintage china and ceramic tiles
      House number plaque featuring spring flowers and a number 19. Made from ceramic and glass tiles and a little bit of vintage crockery.
      Made for a dear friend.Inspired by the area by their home and their relationship.
Waiting for Spring      
Under the Magical Moon      
The Green Woman      
Wish Upon A Star      
Not just another pretty face series       Pop art image of actress Uma Thurman in the movie Pulp Fiction in the role of Mia Wallace. The contemporary stained glass mosaic has been created on an antiquated window frame contrasting the old with the new.
Materials - Stained glass, water resistant adhesive, latex fortified grout, exterior all weather stain.

Dimensions: 920mm x 650mm

Each piece is a one of a kind original.
Not just another pretty face series       Pop art image of Singer/Actress Madonna. The contemporary stained glass mosaic has been created on an antiquated window frame contrasting the old with the new.

Materials - Stained glass, water resistant adhesive, latex fortified grout, exterior all weather stain.

Size: 660mm x 820mm

Each piece is a one of a kind original.
Not just another pretty face series       Pop art image of Singer / Hollywood actress Barbra Streisand. The contemporary stained glass mosaic has been framed in New Zealand native totara wood. This specific image depicts her character Esther Hoffman Howard in the movie "A Star is Born"

Materials - Stained glass, water resistant adhesive, latex fortified grout, exterior all weather paint.

Size - 900mm x 710mm

Each piece is a one of a kind original.
Bad Boyz - Not just another pretty face series       Pop art image of Michael Corleone, Al Pacino's character in the classic movie The Godfather. Commissioned piece. Michael is the 3rd of the Bad Boyz in the series "Not just another pretty face". The contemporary stained glass mosaic has been sculpted on an antiquated and distressed window pane combining the old with the new.

Materials - Stained glass, water resistant adhesive, latex fortified grout, exterior all weather paint.

Size - 910mm x 680mm

Each piece is a one of a kind original.
Bad Boyz - Not just another pretty face series       Pop art image of actor, writer, producer, director Sylvester Stallone, better known as "Sly". Stallone is the fourth of the Bad Boyz in the series "Not just another pretty face". The contemporary stained glass mosaic has been sculpted on an antiquated and distressed window pane combining the old with the new. The emphasis of the colors red, off-white and blue lend itself to the actor's American heritage as he was born in New York's "Hell's Kitchen".

Materials - Stained glass, water resistant adhesive, latex fortified grout, exterior all weather paint.

Size - 910mm x 680mm

Each piece is a one of a kind original.
Butterfly mosaic glass       Mosaic Butterfly in glass tesserae on MDF, copper wire
Calla Lily glass mosaic       Calla Lily mosaic in glass tesserae on marine plywood.
Firescreen glass mosaic       Firescreen mosaic in glass tesserae on plywood
Three Fat Ladies mosaic, glass       Three Fat Ladies mosaic in glass tesserae on plywood.
Splashback mosaic       Bathroom splashback mosaic. Glass tesserae on cement board.
      An Antique stoneware hot water bottle as a base covered with cut ceramics. The head being the top of a salt glazed German flagon .
      A wire armature with a rod going through all pieces of miscellaneous ceramics.
      Using 1930's ceramics.
      One of my early mosaics, I will revisit this scene using different media but I enjoyed the process of making it, and the result.
      This is such an iconic image, people still visit the criossing after all these years, just to have their photo taken. I wanted to create a sense of movement with what is considered to be a static art form.
      My daughter studied Classics, and I wanted to create a version of the famous Pompeii Cave Canum mosaic, but I named this Lupus Ludi - Happy Wolf- rather than beware of the dog.
      Jimi is such an icon, and his image is seen everywhere. I grew up with his music and it still resonated with me. I added the gold background as a nod to Byzantine religious icons.
      I've loved Shakespeare ever since we read his plays at school. He just had to be part of my 'Icons' series, and I included background extracts from his writings on the theme of the face, because although he wrote widely about how the face and personality interacted, scholars are still unsure exactly what he looked like. This image is the most widely accepted one.
3D glass mosaic       3D glass mosaic inspired by the Hakone Open Art Museum in Japan. 42cm height on 23cm oval base.
Mosaic with tiles       Tiles on plywood inspired by a birthday card that my husband gave me. 61cm x87cm.
Glass and tiles mosaic       Mosaic on plywood with glass and tiles. 47cm x 50cm.
Glass mosaic       Glass mosaic on plywood. 61cm x 41cm.
3D mosaic       3D mosaics with glass, tiles and stones. 24cm and 32cm height.
      Framed Redshank Coastal Bird Picture
      Slate and Sea Glass Mosaic Lighthouse
      Puffin and Shells
      Beach Love Mixed Media Heart
      Beach Hut with Bunting
Mosaic Autumn Leaf by China Petals      
Apple Tree by China Petals      
Baby Mosaic Shoe by China Petals      
Dark Daisy Love by China Petals      
Blue & White Farmyard      
Mosac Practice       Mosaic portrait piece on display in "Banks Mill Studio" Derby. This 23x23cm mosaic had been created using tiny pieces of vitreous glass, glazed and unglazed ceramics on a wooden board and sealed using different colors grout. This work was inspired by Claude Monet's "Lily Pond".
Mosaic Comission       Commissioned for a local cafe in Leek, with links to the UNESCO world heritage site of City of Apollonia, Albania.
Mosaic Portfolio       This beautiful hand made mosaic is a unique piece of art made for our Studio's portfolio by mosaic artist and art educator Magdalena Aron who's passion for portrait is the key in her personal developement as a mosaic artist.

Made out of vitreous tiles, hand-cut, fitted & glued individually on a ply wood base this mosaic who's time scale stretched over two months from start to finish is one of the first example that the artist had ever produced. It is an unique piece or hand made art and a true sign of patience and talent.
Marble Mosaic       The olive branch is a symbol of peace or victory allegedly deriving from the customs of ancient Greece, particularly regarding supplication to both the gods and persons in power, and is found in most cultures of the Mediterranean basin

By creating this beautiful classical mosaic we are proud to expand our studio portfolio towards a 1500 years old mosaic technique using Marble and Italian Smalti.

This mosaic method called the double-reverse technique is also referred to as the "Ravenna Technique" because it is still used heavily today in cities such as the modern-day Ravenna. The method was passed on through many generations and had been originated the Byzantine times, before being adopted by the Romans.

The beauty of this method is that the mosaic artist is able to see the final look of the mosaic from the initial stages. This is something really valuable in terms of mosaic techniques because most of the times, in the modern world of the mosaic, the artist will only be able to see the whole mosaic coming together at the end of it's processed after the grouting and therefore perhaps a stage too late for accepting changes.

In this method, the tesserae are set into a temporary bed of putty, slaked lime, or clay, where they can be placed and moved at will until the wanted effect is achieved. This temporary base will remain moist for quite a long time, even months as long as it is covered with plastic.

Once finished, the mosaic is lifted and cleaned, and glued on its final destination, typically wooden board, furniture, objects. In order to achieve these beautiful individually cut tesserae (small pieces of marble or Smalti), we have been using traditional tools, such as the hammer and hardie. This method allows us to understand the different hardnesses of each type of marble and colors and give us an intimate inside in the culture and the art of the past.
Horse Movement II       Horse Movement

As a keen horsewoman I aim to capture the movements and spirit of the horse in my art, this time in mosaic form combined with mixed media
Pictish Stag       Pictish Stag

Recent research has revealed that the Romans were very much prominent in the times of the Picts, it is now believed the Picts developed their carved symbols as a language in response to the Roman language. I have combined the Roman mosaic making style with a pictish symbol which in turn has created an interesting combined ancient art piece of contemporary mosaic art
Horse Movement I       Horse Movement

As a keen horsewoman I aim to capture the movements and spirit of the horse in my art, this time in mosaic form combined with mixed media
Blue Nude       Mosaic version of a Picasso favourite
Mosaic Pot       One of many of mosaic pots I have made
Crystal Palace Football Club logo       A mosaic for my son
Freddie Mercury in Concert       My latest portrait from classes at London School of Mosaics
Child’s Name plate       One of many children’s name plates I have made
mosaic, Rosehip, per cent for art, Alison Mac Cormaic       This is a sample piece made for my current project. I'm working on a Per Cent for Art project in a local school, making a mosaic based on native Irish trees. 2020
The Lost Palaces of Lixnaw, mosiac, Alison Mac Cormaic       A project for Kerry County Council, Ireland. Built in the 17th century, The Lost Palaces of Lixnaw are now in ruins, this mosaic shows passers by what it may have looked like. 2019

mosaic, weighing scales, shop sign, Alison Mac Cormaic       I really like trying to get shading in with the tesserae.
mosaic, shop sign, Alison Mac Cormaic, Lohan's Pharmacy, Prospect Hill, County Galway       I completed this mosaic for a local pharmacy over 20 years ago, I'm delighted that it's still looking just like it did back in 2000.
 mosaic, stone circle, Alison Mac Cormaic       I'm a bit of purist and usually don't usually mix different mosaic media together, but here bits of gravel were perfect to make the stone circle. Private collection. 2000
      A vibrant, colourful tree of life full of the joy of life and nature in all its glory and creatures!
Ruby, Contemporary Abstract Glass Mosaic Sculpture       Ruby is a contemporary abstract glass mosaic sculpture that is completely handmade. The substrate features cement-based materials. The base is made of concrete and is a matte black color, Mosaic tesserae include a variety of textured and rare vintage transparent red stained glass, several types of iridescent and glass red beads, and red glass stringer fragments. The entire sculpture is approximately 20 inches (l) by 10 inches (w) by 6.5 inches (d).
Stolen Moments, contemporary abstract mosaic Color Field artwork       Stolen Moments:
"...love born of the work kind of loss, of knowing you could lose, and of the sobering knowledge that these cherished moments they grasp this night were stolen from the hands of time." Susan Rodgers

This contemporary abstract mosaic features white marble, gold beads, hand cut stained glass, ceramic tiles, brass bullet casings, horseshoe nails, and brass rings. The smaller substrate is handmade and features a molten metallic gold paint technique as a background. It is adhered to a lightweight substrate that has been textured and colored white. This artwork measures 14 inches by 14 inches.
Happy Memories, Patina Artwork       Happy Memories.
"A good life is a collection of happy memories."
Denis Waitley

This mixed media artwork on a colored wooden art board contains a smaller handmade 3-D substrate that features a homemade rust patina and is filled with hand cut glazed ceramic tesserae. The lower square design is a handmade and features an oxidized copper metal coating, accented with a glazed ceramic circular element.
Becoming, Illuminated Shards® Artwork       This contemporary abstract artwork is a one of my Illuminated Shards® artworks from my Spring Series. It features hand cut slate, Youghiogheny Art Glass, stained glass, and opaque blown glass fragments with reflective embedded elements. On Wediboard. This artwork measures 11. 5 inches by 9.5 inches.
Sacred Mornings, Travertine Artwork       Sacred Mornings. There are universal forces directly affecting you all of the time. Recognize the inter-connectedness within all of these forces which all come together to enhance and enrich and support your life. Notice and acknowledge the living, and even the non-living things that make a positive difference in our lives every day...

This contemporary abstract artwork measures 10 inches by 10 inches and features an abstract center design that was created by using a French solvent-based paint technique. It has been a joy to experiment with the different tones and colors in the hand cut riven-faced travertine natural stone tesserae.
Wood Pigeon Hull Mosaic Project BAMM North       My contribution to the Fly to Freedom mosaic project for Hull with BAMM North
Tiger Mosaic      
Floating Man Mosaic      
Iguana - Mosaic, stone, glass, turquoise on wedi with thinset       "IGUANA" Done in reverse method in a class at Perkins Center for the Arts in Collingswood, NJ with Veronica Karios as my instructor. On WEDI board with Thin-set adhesive. Glass, turquoise, stone
 Rocks, Slate, Thin-set, copper wire, copper BB's, Millefiori       "ROCKY ROAD" This piece was started in a Rachel Davies zoom class, Unlocking the Potential of your Mosaic Materials -Amazing life changing workshop! I used slate as my substrate, local rocks from my neighborhood, copper wire, copper coated BB's and one Millefiori. This was my first piece done with rocks and they were mostly cut with a hammer and hardie. This piece was intended to be for practice only for technique, not design, but I really like the way it turned out. This piece was also inspired by a recent Mosaic Arts online class I took with Rachel Sager called "The earth as your shopping cart". One of my favorite on line classes.
Mini Mosaic Trade Card, GOBOARD, glass, Pique Assiette       "TRY" My first mini trade card and also my first Pique Assiette, kinda did it in a rush, because I could not get into my studio and waited till the last minute to make room to get in there and work, it was harder to do than I anticipated but I guess that is because it was my first one and I had a deadline, only had a few hours to make it and I am wearing a boot for a stress fracture in my foot and it was kinda hard to stand for too long. Oh, also my first time using GOBOARD as a substrate, I liked using goboard, really easy to cut, easier to find and more affordable.
"Pixels BC"       "Pixels BC"


88 cm x 84 cm
"Solar System Vol. I"       "Solar System Vol. I"


120 cm x 60 cm
"Fibonacci"       "Fibonacci"


140 cm x 60 cm
"St. Donato"       "St. Donato"


52 cm x 52 cm
"Cherry Tree Blossom"       "Cherry Tree Blossom"


48 cm x 48 cm

      Truncated #4, 2020
      Truncated #5, 2020
      2 rescue Bully mixes
      stained glass and crockery
      stained glass and crockery
      Layers of Wedi board, piastrina, smalti and gold smalti
Tulips in Mosaic. Red Tulips      
Sun Sand Sea in mosaic. Blue Sea with Sun      
Green and Yellow leaves. Trees in the Park       Inspiration by the Autumn leaves fallen on the ground in my local park
A Fun Mosaic Pot      
Picasso's colourful woman in Mosaic       My most favourite artist Picasso painted so many women in famous colourful paintings. I was so tempted to copy one of them free hand and present in my mosaic!
Mount Nebo mosaic       Copy of a 6th century CE mosaic from Mount Nebo in Jordan. This has been set onto a patio slab.


Wildlife mosaic exhibition - abelmosaics
01/05/2021 to 09/05/2021