My name Rocío means dewdrop in Spanish. I grow up and graduate as an architect in my homeland Chile. I came to Denmark because of love. Now I have lived in Denmark for over 20 years. I make pictures, sculptures and jewelry in mosaic. Mosaic art allows me to experiment with different materials and shapes. The combination of material properties creates images where light and color shades, sharpness and smoothness combine into a new organic symphony. I use Bornholms stones, as well as different kind of stones and crystals, which have been collected throughout many travels. I also use recycled tiles and broken china pieces, giving new life to objects that otherwise had become waste. Bornholm nature is my inspiration source. Sharp bends with strong edges, layers of minerals in infinite color shades that hide secrets from the past. Forests of light and darkness, where life abounds under every root, every rock, and where the soul of life and the magic of the earth are intertwined in a mysterious perfection. Magic cliffs that encompass the beginning of life and come alive through technic and craftsmanship. The creative process begins inside, in the symbiosis between human and nature, where the soul opens up to the amazement and the discovery of nature’s different dimensions. As an architect, I have always drawn and painted, and I started working with mosaics when I came to Bornholm in 2008. After the loss of my life partner in 2016, mosaicart gave me ligth to get through the storm of grieving, and it helped me to find the way to a new better me. My works reflect the strength that life has given me through happiness and sorrow. Behind each of the rocks there is a story of love that lives on.