Givens Pam

      I wanted to study with Alessandra and Romuald at the there Studio in Venice Italy, "Artefact Mosaic Studio." I had that opportunity for two weeks in 2019.
Wolf was created on this course and I love this technique and of course, being in Venice.

12" x 14"
      This is Ancient Bird is the first mosaic I created in from my New Mexico studio and home.
12" x 8"
November 2020
In 2002 I attended a 3 week course with Martin Cheek. A week in Venice and two weeks on the Island of Evia in Greece. We took a couple of tours in Venice and Athens to discover what we wanted to create while in the workshop. This Parrot is what I found.

This is a portion of, "St. George Baptising the Gentile" painting by Vittore Carpaccio

smalti, roti, vitreous
      Whispering and Screaming
This is one of my favorite mosaics. I like the combination of materials, from the rugged rock to the smalti, marble and slate.

6" x 11"
slate, smalti, marble, rock
Lots of changes have been a part of my journey and many times it's been a challenge to maintain my composure. Expressing emotions thorugh art is a help.

millefiori, smalti, gold smalt