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In 2008 I started an international web site exclusively for mosaic artists, Contemporary Mosaic Art - CMA. This website was the result of many conversations that I had over the years with people who loved mosaic making, but felt isolated and wanted to have more connections with others in this field. As the membership on CMA grew, Italian artist Giulio Menossi joined the site. During the summer of 2008 I met with Giulio in Udine and he and I worked together to develop classes for him in Udine, Italy. These classes brought students from all over the world to discover his beautiful techniques. In 2012 I enjoyed being part of the team to curate the first mosaic art exhibition inClauiano, Italy, featuring artist from the Contemporary Mosaic Art Website. These exhibitions have continued and Giulio's work has expanded world wide. October, 2014 was the first Contemporary Mosaic Art - CMA Summit, in Ashland, Oregon. I was a member of the 4 person team organizing these exciting events. 2016 was the final year of this wonderful event and our 3rd year of this Summit. In 2011, Irit Levy and I published two books, “Mosaic Fine Art Portraits” and “Mosaic Fine Art Abstracts” Both books feature interviews with five professional artists and a gallery of beautiful mosaic art. In 2014 I helped develop a fun and delicious cookbook “Edible Bits & Pleasing Pieces” which is an International collection of recipes accompanied by mosaic art, produced by Jacqueline Iskander.
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