Portrasaic - Pete Jauneika

Elephant Glassart Mosaic Panel       A fun exploration into psychedelic colouring on an elephant using Pate de Verre Glass tiles for the main subject and plate glass for the background.
Size 73x66cm
Medusa Glassart Mosaic Panel       A specialty of mine is the Greek Myth Series of which Medusa is the 3rd. It was created in 2023 and for each one I accompany 10 partial progress shots with elements of the myth story in the caption text on both instagram and facebook. These are a lot of fun to create and are very popular, especially on instagram, for people to follow both the creation process and development of the story.
Size: 100x80 cm
Whitney Houston Glassart Mosaic Panel       Another specialty is the series of Film and Stage icon portraits of which Whitney is one. Others include Tine Turner, Prince, Cillian Murphy and David Attenborough.
It was the difficulty of displaying emotions in a hard medium like glass that directed me towards mosaic portraiture.

Size: 65x50cm
"Merlin" Horse Glassart Mosaic Panel       I started the "Portrasaic" brand in order to concentrate on Animal, Pet and Human portraiture. Merlin was one of the earlier Animal/pet portraits and was created after a series of pet dog portraits.

Size: 60x40cm
Rainforest Glassart Mosaic Panel Triptych       Although not strictly following the remit of portraiture work I was commissioned to create a triptych depicting the rainforest to be positioned in a stairwell.
This was a large piece made entirely from stained glass plate.

Total Size for all 3 panels: 138 x 122 cm