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Hello, I am a professional mosaic and visual artist living in South Wales. I think of my self predominately a Community Artist, although I create artworks for exhibitions and gain funding for personal projects as well as community based work. I often combine the influences of both fields of work and studies. I enjoy the balance of working this way. My community is my connection to the grassroots of social and urban living, that keep me connected to multi-culture and multi-generational perspectives on life, where I promote the benefits of art and wellbeing. I have a particular interest in celebrating and supporting women in society, often featured in my work. Usually with reference to the juxtaposition of industry and nature, influenced by the industrial landscape of my home. I am open about sharing my personal issues with my dyslexia and sharing creates a honest approach to my community interactions. Depicted in the themes of my work and also my personal study work. ie neurodiversity and wellbeing projects I created the #Streetfairy Project in 2021, the small mosaic charm created from chards from my studio floor, was my response to the increasing venerability of women in society today. The character symbolises the believe that change can happen. The Street Fairy Project enables me to stay connected to my female community, through art and activity. Providing women and girls a positive and connected experience in the process of making, in relation to safety in public spaces. Helping to support the reclaiming of positive attitudes and spaces for individuals. This field of work is also mirrored in my community mosaic public art projects and other projects you will see in my portfolio or if you visit my website. My concern towards environmental issues, inspires me to utilise my arts practice, giving me the ability to use my visual voice, to actively help to protect rather than destroy. I work alongside communities, to help people express concerns and encourage others to learn through visual storytelling.
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