Moonage Mosaics

A glass on mirror mosaic of Tree of Life       A glass on mirror mosaic. Made from hand cut iridescent and clear glass with fused glass accents.
A circular mosaic in black with a labyrinth design       A mosaic created from slate, sea coal and unglazed black ceramic. The Labyrinth is made from clear, coloured glass with a poem running underneath.
Abstract Glass Mosaic       Part of a series entitled Sanctuary. Created from clear glass, fused glass, semi precious stones and shells. Inspired by the need in us all for a safe space.
Ercall Hill in Wellington, Shropshire in glass mosaic       Inspired by the layers of history of this ancient hill, including the forest on the top of it. Created in glass over hand painted designs.
A mosaic showing folds in the rock       Quarrying on the Ercall Hill exposed the fascinating history of the land; revealing rocks from the earliest beginnings of life on this planet. This mosaic is inspired by the layers of folded rocks exposed.