This 8x8 inch piece was created as a result of the Prompt from a Pro - Helen Miles that I came across in 2020, before I joined BAMM. The challenge was to create a virus and in doing so, realise beauty in the form. The 'round' virus section was made first, using on china on mesh. I then mounted my virus onto plywood and set about making the background and into a work for the Connecting Project - hence the specifically located black line mid point on each side of the piece. 2020 was indeed a 'blue' time for all of us, missing friends and relatives and doing our best to remain positive and creative. Thanks to the Prompt and the Connecting Project ... these really helped me get creative and move through a difficult time.
      This is an 8x8 inch work in which I challenged myself to use 'one thing'. In this instance a small chipped vase that I had in my stash. Yes, I used every piece that I broke or cut. Some pieces, like the 'wall' on which the vase has broken, were used the wrong way up - showing the inside of the vase, not the patterned side. The pieces are embedded onto Wediboard, using tinted mortar (thinset).
      Thanks to a wonderful online workshop, given by USA artist Kelly Knickerbocker, I have begun my journey into the world of glass. Stacked glass to be precise! This piece is about 10 inches square and used scrap pieces of stained glass that were given to me. Sadly, not an original design (Kelly's guiding hand is very evident) ... but definitely a technique that was both exploratory and fun for me at the time.
      A piece inspired by the teaching of Lawrence Payne. The tesserae are very small, Cinca and lightweight, so glued directly only a round artist canvas. All very experimental, but it worked. Such a lot to learn about Roman mosaic techniques and rule, but am enjoying immersing myself in the history of it all.
      The is an eggshell mosaic, 8x8 inches. The process began with a photograph, then a drawing onto board. Then I rough painted the picture in acrylic and the prepared eggshells at the same time, so that the colours were true. The process of gluing the eggshell to the painted picture really challenged my patience, but the effort was worth it. The whole piece is sealed with a spray on gloss sealer before being mounted in the frame.