Beyond Mosaic

I started on my journey in Mosaic making in 2018 when I booked myself on some one day courses at The London School of Mosaic in November 2017. I have always been interested in Public Art and Mosaic as a medium. My day job has been as a Business Consultant for 20 years. I was itching to find my voice through art and use Mosaic as a means of self expression bringing my life experiences together and pushing boundaries. I like to use mosaic as a means of story telling, making something meaningful and beautiful from often discarded, neglected materials and juxtaposing elements which surprise and tell a story. I am indebted to the wonderful teachers and team at the London school of Mosaic for their expert guidance patience and skills In April 2022, my debut book A different life, piece by piece was published by The Book Guild publishing and is available on Amazon books as well as other bookshops in the UK