Wetterhorn, with Simmental Cattle       86 x 61 cm

Slate, Marble, Ceramic, Glass
Gharial - fish eating crocodile       IUCN status "critically endangered". Only 200 wild pairs left in Asia. Male Gharial has bulbous snout, derived from Indian pot called a "Ghara".

40 x 40 cm

Glass fusion, Marble, Ceramic, Glass
      This little furry gem has a beautiful stripy amber/chocolate tail with back feet that rotate 180 degrees! They are endemic to the tiny island of Cozumel off Mexican coast, critically endangered with only 250 mature individuals known to be in existence.

50 x 26.5 cm
ceramic, glass fusion
      Critically endangered, this beautiful gamebird has a striking blue/white frontal casque and is threatened by land clearance for crops, logging, mining plus oil/gas drilling. The Sira Curassow grows to nearly 1 metre in length and lives in the Amazonas and central Peru.

55 x 43 cm

Stained glass, ceramic, glass fusion