Schwegmann-Fielding Anne

. . . . . The Ordinary Made Extraordinary . . . . . Anne is a renowned British Sculptor and Mosaic Artist, who has been producing artworks made from recycled materials since the early 1990's. Passionate about the transformation of old into new, her creations see carefully cut fragments of crockery, buttons, sea glass, coins and other discarded ephemera morph into beautiful jewel like sculptures and panels. She has an ongoing desire to make the world more beautiful, one fragment at a time... Many of her commissions encourage the donation of materials by the public to create a more personal meaningful connection to the work. An interest in British ceramic history, sees familiar designs celebrated and combined with makers marks, creating a contemporary artwork using ancient ceramics. The importance of capturing this history from collected cracked and damaged plates has motivated her for many years. More recently she has developed the use of lettering and photographic transfers. She works from tiny to large scale, from tea spoon sculptures to cars or buildings. Her unique work has been commissioned nationally and internationally for museums, hospitals, television, gardens, offices, toilets, zoos and farms as well as private homes and interiors!