Cartledge Tracey

Cleaning up after installation.       Cleaning up following installation of this pavement mosaic as part of the Pattern of Life commission that was a collaboration with sculptor Diane Gorvin.
Ravensbury Primary School       Pupils at Ravensbury Primary School made a set of nine kites, inspired by their school logo. The kites form part of the uplifting and colourful new signage on the front wall of their school building.They were given careful instruction but loads of freedom and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.
Typographical Mosaic; words "Well" and "Crafted"       This mosaic was made for an exhibition at the beerhouse of an independent Manchester brewery specialising in distinctive Craft Ales.
Mosaic Mural in A bricked up Gothic Arch Church doorway       This mosaic was made with over 100 participants from the neighbourhood. It is approximately 3 metres high and 2 metres wide and made from frost resistant glazed porcelain tile and glass.