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Hey! My name is Jelena- Lilija Kimsdotter Vänts, I was born in Latvia but have Estonian roots. I have had a great interest in art from an early age and drew alot in my childhood. After school I worked as a jewellery manufacturer and then had to study for 3 years at an art school and graduated with a diploma with distinction. This qualification gave me the opportunity to study at the University of Art Line (5.5 years). I then started working as an artist and a teacher first in Latvia and then in Sweden. I have attended a number of independent courses; Swedish Academy of Arts in Stockholm, various Colleges. I have further developed my practice on courses in Finland (Valamo, Kuopio) and Italy (Ravenna, Venice). I have an active artistic life with exhibitions and shows. As an artist, I work extensively with painting, drawings, silversmith, icon painting and mosaics. For the past 4 years, I have been working mainly with mosaics in 2-d and 2-d for both indoors and outdoors. I have had group and solo exhibitions at different places in particular museums both in Sweden and abroad. I am always inspired by Italian, Egyptian, Asian art and would like to further develop my creative practice through collaborating and networking, cultural projects and exhibitions in different countries. ​Sincerely Jelena-Lilija
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