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Dr Helen Bodycomb is one of Australia’s leading contemporary artist specialising in mosaic. Mosaic is both a way of thinking - about creating single works through the assemblage of many small parts - and a way of making - traditionally using durable materials such as stone, glass and ceramic. Helen’s innovative work in large sculptures for public sites, extend from using terrazzo to complex, precision inlays of kiln-fused glass features into multi-tonne basalt boulders. Helen is internationally regarded as a leader in both theoretical and technical applications of mosaic and sculpture, and is widely professionally active; exhibiting, fulfilling commissions, guest teaching and presenting her work nationally and internationally. She has been pivotal to re-defining mosaic as an art form in Australia, having initially trained as painter (Victoria College, 1988-1990 and Monash University, 1993-94), also working under Maestro Giulio Candussio in Spilimbergo, Italy in 2001. She has practiced full-time as a mosaic artist working predominantly in stone and glass for more than 30 years. Helen also applies mosaic methodologies to more experimental artworks exploring ephemera and biodegradability, and conceptual modes. In August 2019 Helen completed her practice-led PhD in Visual Art with La Trobe University, Australia, her research project investigating ‘Mosaic: classical principles and the act of making in contemporary works’. This research sought to clarify and defend traditional mosaic conventions and assert how thinking in mosaic can augment wider contemporary art practice.
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