Mosaic Malarky

I am committed to enthusing and encouraging people to come together to create artistic works through community projects. Over the past nine years I have developed a variety of arts and craft based creative workshops, encouraging positive artistic experiences and inclusion, engaging with young and old ranging from 4yrs to 103yrs! I work with the objective to improve well being.The mixed medium of Mosaic making offers sequential stages that require careful consideration and dedicated decision making which offers opportunity to overcome creative challenges, thus developing important elements for life skills throughout the process with the satisfaction of fruition resulting in a tangible tactile artwork. I also run small scale inclusive tutoring sessions at my home studio in Hastings, East Sussex. My personal work is influenced by emotive movement from within. I begin with a rough sketch and allow the form to develop from my minds eye. Arranging the pieces to emerge, ever-evolving as I develop a deeper understanding of my place within the creative stream, enjoying the theraputic element of incrementally accruing fragments together to create a unified, tangible artwork. I mainly work with Tiffany Glass as the material can be cut and formed into a myriad of shapes. I love the streaks and patterns that can offer an extra dimention to the design. For instance, when working on the Medicine Shield Mosaic I found several characters emerging from the swirls in the glass resembling; a wolf, raccoon, Crane and a bivouac! I occasionally add embellishments and combine different mediums together.