Vondee Norma

I make mosaics and mosaic sculpture for exhibition and to commission for public, corporate and private spaces. Mosaic is a visually potent and emotive medium, grounded in architecture yet spanning every other aspect of visual presentation; oil painting, glass, ceramic, stone, graphics and today’s obsession with the manipulation of light. There are recurring themes in my work: the human figure, skyscapes, architecture, technology, water and ancient mosaic iconography. With the observation, analysis and distillation of these I seek to make fresh, enduring images that truthfully portray aspects of modern life. Much of the work is very manual, slow and measured. The ideas are dynamic, the observer tunes in by visually piecing together the image, so there is a strong interactive element in looking at mosaics, which is endearing. The play of constantly changing light, especially in an outdoor piece, on the reflective and refractive surfaces of the coloured glazes create more visual stimulus and echoes of time and place. My interest in Public Art has also allowed me to share this joyous process with many others. First in my initial career as an Art Teacher, then as Artist in residence in a whole range of schools over the past ten years, a sampling of which is listed in my C.V., then at lectures and cultural events which have included: The British Museum, The Whitechapel Art Gallery, The Tower of London, corporate, creative training work with Disney in London and Paris and my own course- The London Mosaic Weekend, which has allowed me to train and influence many cultural organizations, artists and the general public. I feel especially privileged to have been able to show my work in so many books. I am deeply committed to Public Art because of the way it has nurtured, sustained and moved me as an observer in the past and because of my desire to provide specific people and places with objects of cultural significance, enriching lives regardless of status or income and providing a true sense of ownership.