London School of Mosaic

In February 2004 David founded Southbank Mosaics. The team grew to 5 employees, with a core group of at least 12 volunteers. They have 350 installations of mosaic in public space including the Queenhithe Mosaic on the north bank of the river Thames, Blake's Lambeth with 70 mosaics in the vicinity of where William Blake lived in North Lambeth, and 14 portraits on the front of Morely College. David and the team have worked with over 700 young people in trouble with the law. In 2017 the team moved from their base in Waterloo to new premises in Camden, establishing London School of Mosaic. David is interested in the revival of Mosaic as an art form, with its potential to civilise and decorate public space. His work with people in trouble with the law provides a practical alternative to prison and he campaigns through practical action for the planned closure of prisons and establishment of a Justice System, in place of a criminal justice system.