Galbraith Katy

Working with views over the river Earn and hills beyond, Katy is frequently inspired by her surrounding landscape, aspects of which are often reflected in her designs, including the much loved abundant flora which feature in many finished pieces. Every new creation is an eclectic mix of colours and textures, often with a rustic vibe, and each with its own story to share. Personal favourites for Katy are the orange and yellow tones often found on retro pieces of 1970’s crockery. It’s not only the joy of re-purposing recycled materials that inspires Katy, but the materials themselves which often stimulate many of her ideas. Knowing the provenance of donated broken china; off-cuts from local ceramicists; end of project tiles and glass from empty bottles, Katy enjoys bringing them all together like a traditional patchwork, creating a new and meaningful artwork.