Lillian Sizemore Design

I've been honoured to be an invited speaker and visiting artist for several BAMM AGM conferences, and a contributing writer for Andamento (vol 12 and 9). I was first exposed to mosaic as a child through art books and trips to Italy. Studied at Universitá di Bologna and traveled to Ravenna several times before I took up mosaic as an artistic medium in 1994. I have Double major (BA) in Fine Arts and Italian, and studied at the Princes School of Traditional Arts in London. I'm interested in the fragmented quality of the mosaic surface, and the philosophical metaphors of how something broken can be made whole. I first studied classical mosaic techniques in Ravenna in year 2000, and my work changed at this point, away from broken tile, toward stone and smalti, semi-precious stones and mixed media, using hammer and hardie almost exclusively. I focus on “al cavaletto” and sculptural pieces. I have keen interest in geometry, nature, and spiritual esoterica. I pursue a scholarly interest in midcentury modern mosaic, in particular looking at women’s roles within the field, and conservation of these historic works. Being a maker of mosaic informs my research by practice.