Marzo Mosaics

I am self-taught and still learning. I take my inspiration from the natural world with a strong attraction to the seashore. I am especially drawn to materials and objects that are aged and formed by nature; flotsam and jetsam, fossils, minerals, peeling bark, gnarly bleached wood and patterns of frost and dappled light. I have always had a creative energy which was first used in textiles and stained glass, but my interest in mosaics as a medium of artistic expression was sparked by an early morning walk along an old town beach in southern Italy several years ago. As I walked between the seaweed and the powdery white sand I found a trail of translucent, glistening sea washed glass and broken aged terrazzo floor tiling. The tiles were faded and rendered smooth by the waves of many tides. I imagine the many residents of the town throwing their unwanted bottles and other rubbish from the ramparts of their fortified town walls into the crashing sea below to allow them to be transformed by the ages and the power of the sea. I kept my 'treasures' for a year or so before coming to see mosaic as a way of incorporating them into art. My works have usually incorporated small found objects and items that suggest elements or may even be artefact's of antiquity. My work is constantly evolving and I have developed a strong interest in garden and outdoor mosaics. I am happy to discuss small or medium sized commissions or joint collaborations with other artists as I find I enjoy sharing the creative energy is increased when artists of a like mind come together.