Laws Barbara

Tessellated surface design is a language and like all languages it allows a spectrum of possibility, a dialogue between the artist and viewer. I am drawn to narrative, especially within the context of my own Welsh heritage. In a recent series of 2D exhibits entitled ‘Welsh Grit’, I explored themes of national and environmental identity by gathering site-specific ‘traces’ of local post-industrial slag material and reframing them by the process of creating a tessellated design. The use of gathered geologic matter or salvaged stone/marble fuels my fascination with the materials themselves and the beauty which often lies within. Breaking these down into individual tesserae and their consequential layering and positioning into a meaningful whole is the ultimate challenge. Memberships: 2001 to present....member of British Association for Modern Mosaics (BAMM). 2007 to present....member of International Association of Contemporary Mosaic Artists (AIMC), Ravenna, Italy.