Hannah Griffiths Mosaics

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I originally trained as a painter but instantly fell in love with the art of mosaics when I was first introduced to it about 20 years ago, and I haven’t looked back since! I make bespoke mosaics for public and private clients and have undertaken diverse commissions including wall art for colleges and hospitals, and numerous domestic commissions for floors, kitchens, tables and mirrors etc. Inspired by diverse subject matter including African textiles, Moroccan pattern, Italian church floors, the crown jewels and hot red chilli peppers, I thrive on each new piece of work being unique. I have run school workshops and mosaic parties for large groups of families and people of all ages. When working to commission I will initially come and meet you to discuss the work and to see where it is to be installed. It’s helpful if you can tell me what you are looking for and show any reference matter such as pictures, photographs or artwork that reflect your design style. I will be able to show you a range of materials and colours to help guide your choice. Following on from this meeting I will go away and work on a range of potential designs which I will then present to you. At this stage I will also give you an estimate of the price and the time it will take to build. Please note if you decide not to go ahead with the commission, a design fee may be charged based on the number of hours worked up to that point. On approval of the design and budget I make up the mosaic in my studio. On completion it is transported to your home where I fix it in place, grout and protect it (if necessary) with sealant. This part of the process only takes a few days and will be arranged to cause you as little disruption as possible. Commissions are priced according to scale materials and the complexity of the design.
Artistic Mediums: 
Mosaic, Paint, Collage
Based in: 
East Sussex
TN33 0HH
United Kingdom