Floman Minna

I am a Finnish mosaic artist. I have studied mosaic technique in the UK, in Italy and in Finland. Even though my mosaics have been exhibited in several shows in Finland and in the UK my aim is not only to create decorative objects but also to work cross-culturally with themes that have deeper meaning, such as the historical heritage, music, colour symbolic and poetry. My first series of mosaics consists of reinterpretations of ornaments and symbols in ancient iron age brooches found in Finland. My next series of mosaics were created within a cross-cultural project together with a chamber choir: we combined music and mosaic inspired by the Virgin Mary. The result was a mosaic exhibition, a CD with mosaic illustrations and several concerts with mosaic works shown during the concert. One of my Mary mosaics was donated to a church and within the Virgin Mary project I created mosaic panels together with inhabitants in two buildings: a home for elderly and a home for young people with special needs. The third large project was to create a series of mosaics inspired by lyrics by a famous Finnish poet, Solveig von Schoultz.