BAMM Event 2024

BAMM Event 2024

SAVE THE DATE: 5th and 6th October 2024

Please note the correct date - apologies for incorrect dates in the newsletter

The BAMM Event 2024 is going to be in Newport, South Wales.  You may already know the story of the Budd mosaics in Newport and following the demolition of the Chartist Mural for town centre developments, further mosaic works are now under threat. For this reason, we have chosen to take the event to Newport with the help of BAMM member Stephanie Roberts. We aim to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of the Budd family and to run an exhibition and event inspired by them. So, get ready to gather your ideas for an exhibition piece and to get making. Watch this space – more information coming soon. 

  A recent documentary about the Chartist Movement featured rarely seen footage of the lost Chartist Mural.   Entitled Michael Sheen’s Valleys Rebellion, it can be viewed on BBC iplayer.  Here is the link to BBC iPlayer For those who do not have a UK TV Licence, please use this link to YouTube Michael Sheen Valley's Rebellion - 24/02/2015 (

More details to follow