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BAMM Forum 2023

Pushing Boundaries

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7 & 8th October 2023

Peak District village of Youlgreave

In-person and Online


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Francesca Busca

Sustainable Mosaic Workshop


In this workshop we will be practising sustainability in every possible way.

We will be making a 20x20cm mosaic with our own reused paper (I recommend to start collecting as soon as you decide to come)

Please bring your own scissors and tweezers (we will have some spares) 

Bring the idea of a subject you will like to portray and draw it freely by hand on the board (you can bring your own image - if you must!)

We will be focusing on andamento, especially if you have limited hues.

We will be thinking on our feet and enjoy finding and making different kinds of tesserae to create different textures.

Paper requires a long time - but it is a beautiful medium, and I hope you will find it just as fun and addictive as I do!



Stephanie Roberts


Contoured Mosaic with Stephanie Roberts

Lifting pencil line from substrate to surface, through a process of lead manipulation.

Learn and explore Stephanie’s process of making by creating a mosaic that brings added structure and dimension to your designs.

This workshop will introduce you to the process of creating Contoured Mosaic, as illustrated in her work. The contoured mosaic technique allows you to bring a variety of heights into your artworks by using a process of lead manipulation. 

Using lead as the pencil line, lifts the line from substrate to surface, creating a defined form with in which to work. 

This technique allows for exploring mosaic art in relief, that can add structure and dimension to your mosaics.

I will demonstrate my technique and process, while giving time to explore the process yourselves. 

Please bring - reference material with you and materials if you wish to incorporate something specific. 

Provided - a variety of substrate choices, stained glass, lead and glues/adhesives, gloves. Please bring tools and goggles (some will be provided)

Workshop is suitable for all. Process can be challenging but very rewarding.



Will Rosie


Mr Mosaic Trail

I have a cunning plan to see the creation of a nationwide trail of legally questionable mosaics, but I need your help. During the workshop, participants will each work on a mosaic that they will take home and install near where they live! 

Using the indirect method, participants will create their own piece of art, based on a prearranged theme.  



Tamara Froud

Demystifying Installation: Improve your knowledge, skills and confidence

This workshop aims to build confidence in installations through theory and hands-on experience on the day. It is aimed at anyone who wants to build their knowledge of installing.

Site-specific installations involve a circular thinking process: the location, the method of construction and materials used are all interlinked.

In this workshop, we will investigate previous project installations through photos and film and discuss the methods and decision-making processes that led to the chosen methods.

Together we will deconstruct and demystify the process for different situations:

● We will consider various substrates, their condition and preparation to receive mosaic.

● We will look at different methods of mosaic production to suit the different substrates.

● We will look at other factors, problem cases and solutions.

Practical: We will be asking for mini mosaics from members. On the day, we will put our knowledge to use by installing these, as a legacy mosaic for Youlgreave