Carol Zutski

Iguana - Mosaic, stone, glass, turquoise on wedi with thinset       "IGUANA" Done in reverse method in a class at Perkins Center for the Arts in Collingswood, NJ with Veronica Karios as my instructor. On WEDI board with Thin-set adhesive. Glass, turquoise, stone
 Rocks, Slate, Thin-set, copper wire, copper BB's, Millefiori       "ROCKY ROAD" This piece was started in a Rachel Davies zoom class, Unlocking the Potential of your Mosaic Materials -Amazing life changing workshop! I used slate as my substrate, local rocks from my neighborhood, copper wire, copper coated BB's and one Millefiori. This was my first piece done with rocks and they were mostly cut with a hammer and hardie. This piece was intended to be for practice only for technique, not design, but I really like the way it turned out. This piece was also inspired by a recent Mosaic Arts online class I took with Rachel Sager called "The earth as your shopping cart". One of my favorite on line classes.
Mini Mosaic Trade Card, GOBOARD, glass, Pique Assiette       "TRY" My first mini trade card and also my first Pique Assiette, kinda did it in a rush, because I could not get into my studio and waited till the last minute to make room to get in there and work, it was harder to do than I anticipated but I guess that is because it was my first one and I had a deadline, only had a few hours to make it and I am wearing a boot for a stress fracture in my foot and it was kinda hard to stand for too long. Oh, also my first time using GOBOARD as a substrate, I liked using goboard, really easy to cut, easier to find and more affordable.