Carol Zutski

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Member of SAMA, Member of MSOP (Mosaic Society of Philadelphia), Member BAMM, I Love and collect rocks, Took live mosaic or art classes with the following instructors/teachers and completed all small projects; Bonnie Fitzgerald, Maverick Mosaics at Oakton, VA, "REVERSE METHOD ON BROWN PAPER USING STONE & SMALTI"; Carol Stirton-Broad, Fleisher Art Memorial, Phila, Pa, Tile Making and Mosaics; Claire Brill, Fleisher Art Memorial, Phila, Pa, Mosaics in 3D; David Berger, Fleisher Art Memorial, Phila, Pa,, First Steps to Drawing & Drawing Space and Form.; Jessica Gorlin Liddell , Bella Mosaics, Phila, Pa, Architectural Mosaics; The Tuscarora Lapidary Society (TLS),Brookhaven, PA, workshop on cutting and polishing cabochons; Veronica Kairos, Perkins Center for the Arts-Collingswood, NJ, Intermediate Mosaics (worked in the reverse method); Took on-line or ZOOM classes with the following instructors/teachers, however, have only completed 2 projects, I have a long way to go!; Angie Halford- Pet Portrait-USA This artist will  make you feel like you can do anything; Anna Bella Wewer-classical adamanto, Smalti & Language of Mosaics-USA; Anne Cardwell-The magic of Mosaics-Basics- England (Anne is hypnotic and addicting); Carol Soritz Shelkin-portrait and Realism-USA ; Sandra O Necchi of Casa Necchi-Facebook live classes-Brazil (draw back, I don't speak Portugueese language, but can learn from watching during covid lock down); Donna Van Hooser-Pet Portrait-USA I think donna is a genius, also maybe a little insane, in a good way!; Lucy Langlois of Lucy Designs-Floral-USA I miss Lucy, she closed up her shop, I had always wanted to learn more from Lucy, super sweet, could just listen and watch her work all day; Rachel Davies - Slate Landscape workshop & Unlocking the Potential of your Mosaic Materials -Amazing life changing workshops-Scotland  ; Rachel Sager-Earth as your shopping cart (One of my favorite classes); Yulia Hanansen-Peony-USA , Yulia is a brilliant artist, she is one of the most thorough and detailed instructors I have watched;
Artistic Mediums: 
glass, stone, mixed media
Based in: 
United States