Dee Ruff/Black Cat Mosaics

I’ve always been captivated by the beauty of colors and textures, especially those found in the natural world. This love of nature can now be found as modern-day alchemy in my art. I have found my artistic voice in creating four unique styles of contemporary abstract art, which can be viewed on my website. My trademarked Illuminated Shards® unite textures, colors, and reflective effects of light. My Travertine Series is raw beauty of nature. My Patina Series involves fluid and transmutable processes. My Color Fields, as “Energetic Zen,” can be described as “tapestries of color, glass and stone.” I am proud to be an active member of not only the Arizona Artist Community, based in the United States, but also enjoy connecting and participating within the diverse global mosaic art community. My creative efforts further develop my own art practice, contribute to charitable endeavors, and promote and offer support to other members of our world-wide art community. My art brings together color, texture, space, and effects of light. Mosaic art is one of the most ancient and durable forms of art. Pieces of tesserae combine into a powerful and evocative unified expression. Each tessera means something: if you take away one, the entire composition changes.