fragment2form mosaics

      One of my early mosaics, I will revisit this scene using different media but I enjoyed the process of making it, and the result.
      This is such an iconic image, people still visit the criossing after all these years, just to have their photo taken. I wanted to create a sense of movement with what is considered to be a static art form.
      My daughter studied Classics, and I wanted to create a version of the famous Pompeii Cave Canum mosaic, but I named this Lupus Ludi - Happy Wolf- rather than beware of the dog.
      Jimi is such an icon, and his image is seen everywhere. I grew up with his music and it still resonated with me. I added the gold background as a nod to Byzantine religious icons.
      I've loved Shakespeare ever since we read his plays at school. He just had to be part of my 'Icons' series, and I included background extracts from his writings on the theme of the face, because although he wrote widely about how the face and personality interacted, scholars are still unsure exactly what he looked like. This image is the most widely accepted one.