Wild Geckos Mosaics & Designs

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Sharing with you all my passion & promoting the Art of Mosaics, Glass and love for Millefiori. I've started creating mosaics in 2016 and I've completely fallen in love with Mosaic Art! For me, it is a perfect way to express myself creatively plus it is really just my kind of relaxation/meditation. For my work, most of the time I use glazed porcelain tiles and glass but very early on something else caught my eye... I have fallen in love with MILLEFIORI. Right about the same time I've learned how difficult it is to find good quality handmade MILLEFIORI at a reasonable price. I've started finding suppliers, testing them, handpicking some of the millefiori for myself. However, I got to the point that I had more than I could use in my mosaic art so I've opened the Etsy shop to share my love with you. Nowadays we sell various millefiori, mosaic tools and supplies.
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