I love walking in the countryside. When I do I am struck by the profusion of shapes and colours which aggregate into beautiful patterns; particular dispositions of forms, diverse interactions and relationships, vibrant yet serene. With my mosaics I am trying to isolate a moment in this constantly changing landscape and represent it using immutable mineral fragments. To capture the fluid nature of these patterns using hard unyielding pieces of ceramic and glass, this is the challenge I relish; I aim to convey the excitement and thrill I find in the explosion of diversity where edges meet, while still maintaining the calm completeness of the whole. I have, over the years, developed a practice which is particularly labour intensive, cutting every piece of glass or ceramics to fit closely together. I work mostly in reverse, needing to develop specific techniques due to the size of the fragments. My tables are designed for living outside all year round. Several have indeed come through many seasons of severe extremes of weather completely unscathed. I produce wall hangings for inside and outside. I take private commissions, working closely with clients. Creating mosaics gives me thrill I will always enjoy.