Adamo Lynn

      My first sculpture. I stumbled across this piece of Juniper in my yard, and was headed to the yard debris bin, when I looked at it a bit more closely. It started to speak to me! I realized that I could work with it and create a sculpture. It took a few twists and turns, and arrived here.
Juniper, Orsoni gold, steel base.
      Inspired by the record winter of 2017 where I live. So much snow and ice accumulated around our house, and dripping off the roof, forming amazing icicles.
Handformed sculptural substrate, smalti, glass, selenite, wood.
      Mortar, pigment, burlap, stones, and strips of an old mosaic cut on the wet saw. New material from a failed piece!
      Inspired by peeling paint and plaster on the walls of a stairwell in an old building.
Glass, stone, chunk of old telephone wire crusted with layers of paint salvaged from a house that was being repainted. Mortar substrate colored with pastel.