Levy Freya

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Freya Levy works in a range of media including ceramic sculpture, fused glass, and prints. Using mostly animals as subjects, her mosaics are vibrant and exciting and manage to capture the true essence of the animals she depicts. In her mosaics, Freya uses tiles, glass and found items from the shores of the River Thames and Edinburgh beaches. Freya has exhibited her work in various venues in London and Edinburgh. She sells her dichroic jewellery in Frivoli, London and Prima Vera, Cambridge. In the past, Freya has designed charity greetings cards, which were sold by charities including Oxfam and Action Aid. Freya enjoys using lots of colour and when working in mediums such as mosaic and glass, she loves the translucent quality of the materials. Freya's cockerel mosaic was presented to Monsignor Charles Burns, a Major Canon of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome and the former Archivist of the Vatican Secret Archives.
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United Kingdom