Aston Dawn Art

      Portrait using a modern application inspired by Byzantine mosaics.
This is of my son Glen when he was 10 years old. Materials used include Italian limestone, Carrera marble, and Venetian smalti.
      A modern mosaic using ancient materials & techniques including Italian limestone, Carrera marble and Venetian smalti. The challenge was to portray the softness of the feathers using hard materials.
      Experimenting with materials - using stained glass in a more abstract way to portray the mother zebra's patterning. The young zebra was created using more traditional mosaic tiles - vitreous glass. The background consists of a selection of vitreous glass, iridescent, mirror and metallic backed tiles.
60 x 60cm on cement fibre panel.
      The Spira mirabilis mandala mosaic combines ancient and modern materials and techniques. An exploration of how they can sit together - the gold and Venetian smalti ungrouted in the centre beside modern vitreous glass, mirror, iridescent and glass tiles grouted.
The subject is the logarithmic spiral - the spiral of growth found in many diverse areas of nature eg. nautilus shell, fern leaves growth, hurricanes and tornadoes, human foetus...
A pure mathematical design and precise mathematical ratio. Nature is so much smarter than we are...
      Continuing the Mandala theme and a study in paring back - restraint... Considering movement, lines, reflections, patterns and geometry.
60 x 60 cm on cement fibre panel suitable for indoors.