Moulet Francoise

Symphony of the Sun       'Music of the Eye' exhibition, Corinium Museum, Cirencester (UK).
This mosaic is part of the book "Mosaic fine art abstracts" by Irit Levy and Pam Givens, and "101 motifs interprétés en mosaïque" by Muriel Ligerot.

Unglazed ceramic, gold, coloured mirror
Songes       Triptych. Gold, colored mirror, black thinset

This piece has been part of the "Art nouveau" exhibition at Opus Gallery in Exeter (UK), and is showed in Muriel Ligerot mosaic book "101 dessins interprétés en mosaïque".
Gran Pa       Portrait of Wisdom

Mosaic portrait - Winklemans unglazed ceramics
Edwige       Contribution to the Doctors without Borders on-line auction 2014

Le point du jour (at dawn)       The moment when the light shows through the darkness of night and a new day begins

Albertini smalti, Mexican smalti, dichroic glass, white gold