Atelier Mosaïque de la Vallée - Sylvie Foisel-Guigues

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A native of the township of Toul, very close to Nancy in Lorraine (where the Nancy School of Art Nouveau saw the light in the work of such renowned artists as Gallé and Daum, both famous for their work in glass), Sylvie Foisel-Guigues worked as a librarian in a wide variety of areas such as public health, scientific literature, and public libraries. Reading, understanding, and getting to grips with the essence of her subject and passing on that understanding has been at the heart of Sylvie’s work. But if her roots are in Lorraine, her heart is in Burgundy. In 2004, Sylvie discovered the Côte Chalonnaise, a beautiful wine growing region in Burgundy, and in particular, the Vallée des Vaux. In February 2010 she created the Atelier Mosaique de la Vallée and now practices her art daily in her mosaic workshop in the heart of her quiet, protected valley. Most recently, Sylvie’s artistic quest has been centred round found objects which she collects, cuts and arranges in abstract compositions. The found objects which she uses, she calls her ‘harvest of pebbles’, natural calcareous stones from the vineyards of the Cote Chalonnaise. Sylvie considers it a privilege to be able to include them in her work. Found fragments of metal, often oxidised by time and by their work in the vineyards also find their place in her work. These compositions have developed from her collection ‘Pierre unique, Uniques pierres’, and from her mosaics made using glass. Her 18 years of passionate and innovative dedication to the practice of modern mosaic has culminated in a permanent exhibition of her work at Curiosités d’Art, Atelier-Galerie d’Art à Mercurey (1 Rue de Mercurey, 71640 Mercurey, France).
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71640 St-Mard-de-Vaux