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BAMM Mosaic Make-Along

Monochrome Prompt from Marian Shapiro

Via Zoom on 24th April

10am - 12noon BST (GMT + 1)

Tickets free for BAMM members

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‘Know your limits - Monochrome

Make a mosaic using just one colour

Why? By stripping one element from your process, it makes you focus on the others. Without colours to identify an object, you have to focus on the form, the andamento, and the spaces in between the tesserae. For me, working within constraints challenges me to be inventive and find alternative ways of solving problems.

You can use shades and tints of that one colour, for example light blue, mid blue and dark, and any materials or mix of materials you like, but no other colours apart from your chosen one. My examples are mostly pale and neutral colours, and mostly abstract but yours don’t have to be. Try doing something realistic using a monochrome palette.’