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Collaboration projects are an amazing experience – a real opportunity to meet and hang out with mosaic-loving people and to learn and make all at the same time. I am hooked! So here I want to share some of the opportunities coming up, that you can take part in - either from the comfort of your own home, or if you possibly can, I urge you to go and take part.


A project led by Carrie Reichardt to artify 2 of a series of decommissioned navigation buoys that will be relocated around Boston, Lincolnshire as a celebration of their heritage. You can take part by sending Carrie a mosaic flower or flowers to be included on the buoys. Contact Carrie for more info at:


2021 Germany: DOMO INVITES

I am excited to announce that DOMO will be organising International Mosaic Days in Bad Dürkheim, Germany in May 2021. There are 2 parts to this:

  1. The Invitation and call for participation in an international, juried exhibition: Order and Chaos – Culture and Patterns from a Contemporary Perspective. Deadline for submissions: 15th March 2021
  2. Participation in the 4 days in Bad Türkheim in May 2021. Accommodation will be subsidised.

Download the participation forms -  Invitation/Registration Form/Preliminary Programme/Local Information


May 2022 Italy: Mosaichiamo La Citta, Marotta Mondolfo

International Mosaic Festival in the Italian seaside town of Marotta Mondolfo.

This project welcomes anyone who would like to join the fabulous local team from the Chiaro Scuro group of artists who have already overseen the process of adding mosaic to huge stretches of the low sea wall. Festival participants will create a mosaic to be included in this incredible undertaking.

Accommodation will be subsidised. Contact Cristina Cucchi.

More information on the Bamm website or here:


World mosaic events

1st Online Mosaic Symposium, Patagonia, Argentina

October/November 2020


Ravenna, Italy

2021 Ravenna Mosaico – [biennial] Usually the first Saturday in October is the big “Notte d’oro”. Plans for next year are uncertain, but normally the exhibitions are on for a couple of months.


Chartres, France

Chartres – 17th October – 8th November 2020 [biennial]



SAMA – Online conference – 5th -7th  February 2021.

SAMA - Admissions open for Mosaic Arts International 

Deadline: January 11, 2021