Cartledge Tracey

A career in public art was a natural progression. My BA Hons degree in Fine Art involved writing a thesis about international ‘per cent for art’ policy and its influence on the commissioning of art for public spaces. It is my belief that people care about the look and feel of their environment and have an interest in how their shared spaces are developed. People affect their surroundings and the quality of their surroundings affects people. For this reason positive community involvement plays a valuable role in my commissioned projects and generally has a strong influence on the finished work produced. Public works of art are developed with consideration for all aspects of their physical, historical and social context whilst responding to the particular brief in hand. This requires a broad pallette of techniques, an innovative outlook and an ability to work flexibly within a range of diverse situations. Each project is unique. Over twenty five years, I have gained a good reputation for the durable outdoor mosaic features and elegant architectural metalwork that I have produced for both rural and urban sites. However, I like to experiment and collaborate with experts in different areas of technology and fabrication and do not restrict myself to working in any one specific medium. I enjoy learning and during my professional career I have attended various courses and training opportunities to extend my skills. In 2004, for example, I was awarded a place on the David Reid bronze-casting course at the Royal Academy in London and went on to work with Castle Fine Art Foundry in Oswestry to produce a body of cast bronze work for exhibition.